Thursday, 10 March 2011

When The Storm Comes.

Storms will come and storms will go. It's either you're just coming out of a storm or you are about to get into one, they  seem  programmed  into  life.We all face storms of life, storms of life are the expected but most times unexpected challenges that show up in our lives when we least expect it. What  makes  the  difference  between people  is  how  we  go  through  the  storm, our attitude  to  the  storm. Our perspective  is  very  important  when  it  comes  to  overcoming  the  storms  of  life. Some see the storm as an opportunity to rise to greater heights, for some others they  see  the  storm  as  the  end  of  all they  have  laboured  for  or  achieved.
 The eagle  is  like  the  former, there  is  a  lot  we  can  learn  from  this  marvellous  champion  of  the  sky. I  am  fascinated by  the eagle. When  the  storm  comes  in  the  direction  of  the  eagle,  the  eagle  smiles  stretches  out  its  wings and uses  the  currents  of  the  wind  to  rise  above  the  storm  unhurt. This  should  be  the  attitude  of  every  man  to  those  challenging  situations of  life. Difficulties  do  not  come  to  break  us  but  to  make  us.
 The  eagle  is  a  bird  associated  with  many  great  qualities- speed, courage, vision, high altitude, fearlessness, gentleness and strength. Of  all these qualities it's ability of  vision is perhaps the most important, the eagles vision is what's responsible  for  its sense of direction, orientation  and  perspective. Because the eagle has an ability to see from a very far distance it survives better than other birds, it sees what they do not see and is able to scheme  faster  to catch  it's  prey.
 The eagle is the only bird that can look  at the sun directly, and the only bird that has a positive outlook to the storm, so naturally it rises higher than other birds and is a better survivor. This is because it sees differently from other birds, thats the power of vision!
 Are you an 'eagle' ? Be like the eagle today.

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