Wednesday, 2 March 2011

BALANCE - the way to life.

It  always  helps  to  know  what's  important  and  what  is not  important, so  that  we  can  prioritize effectively. Time management is life management, manage your time well and you have managed your life well. Time flies, it unfortunate its when we are older that we realise it. We wont always have time for every single thing we want to do in life thats why we shd focus on the essentials of  life.
I liken life to students in an exam hall, they are timed. They have to use their time well and efficiently to answer all the questions presented to them or at least to focus on the essentials (the questions that gives higher scores) which will give them the higher marks. In a similar way our life is timed, ''there  is  a  time  for  everything''. Thats why we have lifespan and times and seasons, we are creatures relegated to time. We should focus on the things that really matter in life so that when our time on earth is over, it can be said and seen of us that we focused on the issues that gave us the 'best scores' in our lifes journey.
Our life is simply what we have done with the time we have been given.
The pertinent question is, how do we make the most of our time/life?
Its by living a life of balance. This means proper time management, spending our lives daily for the benefit of humanity and for our own personal development.
It's by knowing what  the  essentials  of   life are, and focusing on them first. For me they  are my relationship with God, my health, family,career and service to humanity. I feel other issues of life follow after this.
What are your priorities?