Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Of Nephilims, UFO'S, Spirit Wives and Husbands, Fallen Angels and Demons.

The researcher L.A Marzulli has done some fascinating studies on fallen angels, U.f.O's and Demons. I appreciate his work, his depth of knowledge and the insight he has brought to our generation. Chuck Missler, the teacher and preacher has also done indepth study on this subject, particularly on the study of Nephilims.
We live in times when men are fascinated by the supernatural, magic, miracles, the extraordinary and research and revelations beyond the ordinary. Discoveries and topics about the early man, giants of old, Greek gods, the 'sons of God' in Noah's time from Genesis chapeter 6, U.FO's and demons and fallen angels are topics man always wants to know more about.
This is perhaps the reason I have a deep interest in the title of this write up.
Are satanically charged super soldiers who are hybrids (Nephilims) really in existence, do they exist in in our time, or do they now exist in the spirit realm, did they really exist in the times of Noah (I believe they did) or is it just some fable story?
If the Nephilims were wiped out by the flood of Noah's era, where did other giants mentioned in the Bible like Goliath and his relatives come from?
Are the sons of God mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 fallen angels or are they human beings who served God at that time.
Are spirit wives and husbands (which have been accepted by many christians, and have become a doctrine in our time) fallen angels or are they spiritual hybrids that exist in the spirit realm? Do angels have reproductive organs and are they able to impregnate women? Did these women in Genesis chapeter 6 know these men who took them as wives are angels or are they angels that took on the body of human men, for they were called sons of God and God doesn't call angels sons according to the Bible.
Would any woman wait around for an angel to woo her without being afraid at the appearance of the angel or did these angels appear in their non glorious state?
Are fallen angels different from disembodied spirits? I know angels are spirits and they have their own type of bodies which are glorious bodies, better and stronger than the human body (this is to be expected since they are spirits who are always in God's presence)
Angels are here on earth but we dont see them except they choose to make themselves visible, they are messanger beings of God, who ascend and descend from heaven to earth to do the Lord's bidding. The good Book records that after the end of the age, those who are blessed enough to make it to heaven will be like angels who neither marry or are given in marriage. If angels do not marry or are not given in marriage, what will God create them with organs for? I understand God to be a God of purpose, who created everyone and all things for a reason. If these hybrids called Nephilims from Genesis chapter 6 are a mix between angels and humans, and they became the great men and heros  of old, yet they were evil. Why don't we see these happening anymore. Or are the fallen angels not permitted to touch women anymore? Do they do it spiritually now, is this where the spirit wife/spirit husband phenomenon comes in. Are spirit wives/husbands fallen angels who have devised another strategy to sleep with women. If they do, where are their children, are those children in the spirit realm now? And if they are, why the need for children in the spirit realm if angels do not marry or are not given in marriage?
What about U.F.O'S? Unidentified Flying Objects. Are they fallen angels? I think so. I believe UFO's exist but they are not what they have portrayed themselves to be to humanity. I believe they are the principalities, powers and rulers of this dark world, spirit beings who live in the heavenly places. They constantly watch man (Gods favourite creation and the only creation in His image) and try to wreck havoc on man. They document and research on man and get information about man to their leader Lucifer (now called satan who is the chief of fallen angels).
What about demons? What's the difference between a demon and a fallen angel? Fallen angels are angels who lost favour with God and were cast out of heaven, they were a one third population among God's angels in heaven at that time. Did they become demons after they were cast ouit of heaven? I'm not sure. But a christian researcher claims that demons are disembodied spirits that were in the Nephilims (the hybrids) in Genesis chapter 6. After God wiped out that generation with a flood, the spirits in those giants lost their bodies (spirits don't die) and began to float about doing evil.
Are they the spirit wives/husband some christians talk about today?