Thursday, 14 January 2016

Overcoming Fear Through Prayer

Psalm 23:4
2 Timothy 1:7

Fear is a state that is familiar to human beings.
Fear crept into the life of humanity after and because of the first sin that took place through Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:18
Fear is not from God, so it's a stranger.

As common as fear has become to the human race, we must not make the mistake of accepting it as natural.
Fear was never part of God's package for human beings, it became part of our lives as a result of the wrong choice of Adam and Eve to disobey God.
Fear is a stranger that has stayed with all of us for to long and should leave.
Fear should be seen as a stranger and foreigner to us all, because "in the beginning it was not so" Psalm 18:45

Fear is a foreigner that should leave your life because of God's hand and power upon your life.
Fear departs when God's hand or presence is upon you.
Prayer is what brings the hand of God upon a person.
1 Kings 18:42-46
Acts 4:27-29
Fear is a spirit

When we pray well, the hand of God comes upon us and negative spirits like fear depart.
Fear is a spirit, the Bible recognizes it as a spirit. 2 Timothy 1:7

Characteristics of fear:
1) Limits and hinders people.
2) It is a kind of spiritual prison.
3) It blocks potential and abilities.
4) It brings physical and spiritual backwardness.

How to overcome fear:
1) Be saved. Romans 8:15
2) Build your self esteem and confidence through God's Word. 1 Peter 2:2
3) Recognize fear as a spirit and attack it by prayer. Ephesians 6:12

Prayer Points:
1) Give me the consciousness of Your presence with me. Psalm 23:4
2) Teach me to use my rod and staff against the spirit of fear. Psalm 23:4
3) Let me know you as my light, salvation and stronghold. Psalm 27:1
4) By your presence, let me overcome the fear of man. Psalm 118:6
5) Give me strength and courage. Deuteronomy 31:6
6) Let your trust replace fear in my life. Psalm 56:3,4
7) Take a hold of man hand and help me. Isaiah 41:13
8) Let me be perfected by your love O'God. 1 John 4:18

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor shared this message.