Monday, 26 February 2018

In Honour Of Evangelist Billy Graham

God bless the evangelist Billy Graham for making himself available as a 'tool' for God to use.
The far reaching impact of his ministry will only be fully seen in eternity.
Any man who has been at his post for over six decades should be commended, particularly when he runs a huge evangelistic organization like Billy Graham's.

I grew up getting to know about Billy Graham and his evangelistic efforts as a young chap when I'd watch Christian television stations like CBN and shows like 700 Club back in the days.
I remember finding his charisma, good looks and passion impressive and rather different compared to many ministers of the gospel at the time.
Seeing those huge crowds all over the world who showed up at his crusades and the responses to his 'altar calls' was something special.
Truly, he was a chosen evangelist!

Our well wishes, prayers and condolence goes to the Billy Graham Family.
His was a life well lived.
A foremost evangelist, a prince of the kingdom and a productive human being who set the standard for global evangelism.
May his soul be at peace in paradise!