Friday, 9 May 2014


As a Nigerian I am concerned about the situation of things in my country Nigeria. I should be, and every responsible Nigerian should be concerned. The situation of things in Nigeria calls for concern.
Unemployment is massively high at the moment, the education sector is a shadow of what it used to be, we have not made the most of our tourism potential, we don't have stable power supply yet, the level of poverty is still huge, opportunities for the Nigerian youth is limited in many ways and worst of all security is not in place.
The level of insecurity in the country is high and my reasons for typing this is not far fetched.
Anyone who has been reading the papers and listening to the news will know Nigeria has not been a stranger in the last few years when it comes to disturbing world events.
Sometimes I don't know if I should weep for Nigeria, get angry on her behalf or just give up hope that things will be get better for my country. I can only hope against hope that things will get better for her as I have no other country I can call my own and I have family in Nigeria.
It's sad and unfortunate that the President of my country has not shown real leadership since the abduction of 273 girls in Borno State Nigeria by Islamic extremists (Boko Haram) but has been more concerned about a forthcoming election that is not even sure to hold. The world has eyes on Nigeria over this matter. 
It's about time President Goodluck Jonathan shows more remorse and true leadership over this matter. This is not the time to play politics, use lame diplomacy, or give excuses about the situation of things in the country. This is the time our commander in chief should rise up, demonstrate firm and true leadership, get our girls back, comfort Nigerians as a true political father should and rekindle the faith of Nigerians in the country which is at an all time low at the moment. He should paint a picture in our minds of the great potential the country and it's future has.
Boko Haram has become a menace and a disgrace to Nigeria and Nigerians! That diabolical and satanically motivated sect has become a plague and a blight on the country. The nation has the power, the resources and the military to get rid of them. That's why it baffles me that the President has not used the military might and intelligence he has around him to get rid of these cowards who are picking on innocent, vulnerable Nigerians, more recently innocent young girls who were going about their business trying to get an education.
How can some so called extremists be so depraved and archaic in this modern day and age?The kidnap of these young girls has become a global issue. This is not the type of rubbish Nigeria should be in the news for. Nigeria is a beautiful country that has enormous potential, man power, natural resources, lots of brilliant citizens, world class brains, and great weather and land for agriculture.
Nigeria has successful individuals world wide who have made an impact in various fields of life. But with this Boko Haram plague and menace troubling the country, all those qualities will hardly be considered or seen by the international community.
The leader of Boko Haram even had the audacity to send a video defying the nation, threatening and belittling the nation and scaring us by telling us that they will marry and sell of our daughters. What kind of distorted mindset do these charlatans have?
There is nothing that inspires like true leadership! Nigerians need true leadership!
This is the time for our President to swing into action, let him inspire us by his action, let his care for the nation revive our hopes. This is one of the many things Nigerians want to see and thirst for.
The Boko Haram threat reminds me of the Biblical Goliath and the nation of Israel. All the men of war in Israel had been rendered powerless on the battle front by fear as a result of Goliath's threat, Goliath's size and Goliath's battle history. In the same manner Boko Haram is using the fear strategy to hold a nation captive, they have maimed and destroyed lives, brought tears to many families, they have the bombs and the machine guns and they have been using them without mercy, they have probably become the Presidents greatest nightmare, just like Goliath became a forty day nightmare to King Saul. But hope came in the form of the shepherd boy for the nation of Israel, David the shepherd boy was the answer to Israel's prayers.
David being the answer to ridding the nation of Israel of their threat is symbolic of the most unlikely person or methods being the answer to national issues.
Boko Haram boasted that they have more sophisticated weaponry than the whole of Nigeria. Just the same way Goliath trusted in his armour and weapons. 
"Some trust in chariots, others in horses but we will remember the name of the Lord"
Perhaps the answer to the Boko Haram menace Nigeria is facing is not in our President or government, who knows? After all God's ways is different from ours.Whatever, whoever and wherever the answer may be, I hope it manifests soon. I hope our 'shepherd boy' will come with the solution we need. I hope our anointed one or anointed ones will come with the solution we need and rid Nigeria of this shame!
May God answer the prayer of Nigerians. Peace be upon Nigeria