Tuesday, 12 August 2014

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This Issue called Ebola

Illness, sickness, and disease have never been friends of man.
The reason it is so is that apart from the discomfort, there is something in the human nature that knows that being sick, diseased, and weighed down is alien to how we have been created.
Mere headaches that have been rectified by pain killers is rejected and not welcome by humanity how much more life taking killers like CANCER, HIV or EBOLA.
My focus is on the Ebola virus.
It's contagious, spreads quickly and breaks down the immune system eventually leading to death; unlike HIV which its victims can live with and that can be suppressed by drugs for many years before it develops into full blown aids
The mind boggles.
Why Africa, particularly West Africa? It's not that any other part of the world deserves the ebola virus but as an African I can't help but wonder why its spreading so fast in that part of the world.
As a christian and a Pastor I can't help but look at the ebola issue with spiritual and Biblical lenses.
Research has linked the genesis and spread of this virus to animals, particularly bush meat and bats.
The Bible talks about plagues that will be released in the end times as judgement on the earth by certain angels from their bowls. Some believe we are in those times and this ebola out break is one of the plagues the book of Revelation talks about.
My belief is that only God knows!
Whether it evolved from animals in the forest of Africa or its a spiritual out break in fulfilment of prophecy, what I do know is that it has to be well managed. This calls for good and competent leadership on the part of West African nations. At the federal level, borders should be well checked, monitored and a system put in place to oversee who comes into the border of each country.
The good thing is that the virus/infection can be isolated and eventually killed, or done away with whenever the victim whose contacted it passes on. This virus can be buried!
The sad thing is that if its not well managed and it continues to spread, it will eventually lead to the formation Ebola colonies, where isolated ebola victims are kept until their death. It reminds me of how lepers were isolated in Bible times, where there were leprosy colonies or vallies where those who have leprosy are isolated and kept. This can be avoided in West African countries if we are careful about who we let into our countries, and the government makes sure medical personel who research on ebola and treat its victims are well supported and renumerated.
My advice is for christians who live in all these regions to stand on and confess Psalm 91 regularly.