Thursday, 17 November 2011


The times we are in are times the individual need to know his/her purpose. We live in times when it's very easy to be disillusioned, times where even very established individuals are struggling and and established institutions have gone bankrupt.
It was just yesterday I heard on the news that employment is at an all time high, especially among the youths.
Over one million youths between the ages of 16 to 24 are unemployed in the Uk. And I put it to you that they do not feel needed, they very likely feel unappreciated and lack a sense of purpose. It's not a good thing to be jobless, particularly at that age where young people tend to be restless, when their creativity is at an all time high and they are eager to express it.
When young people feel a sense of purposelessness and idleness it can result in all sorts of vice, vandalism and chaos.
It's the responsibility of every government to see to it that there are programmes, jobs and plat forms in place for young people to express themselves and make a living.
But beyond the responsibility of the government, the youths also have a responsibility to see to it that they don't loose hope, that they conduct themselves properly and seek to make the most of the opportunity life presents to them.
Apart from the government and individual there is also the God factor. God has a plan for us all. He has a purpose for our existence for He is a God who does and creates all things for a reason. We (humans) are His creation and our existence is for a purpose.
That purpose is hidden in Him. It's found through prayer, meditation, self appraisals, being responsibly adventurous and making the most of life's opportunities.