Saturday, 9 April 2011

The TIMELESS music of ABBA.

''The World  will  be  a  sadder  place  without Abba''. Someone said this. Its' perhaps  true.  It  seems  their  songs  become  more  well  appreciated as  time  goes  on.  Perhaps  they  have  succeeded so  well  because  they  were  themselves  and  weren't  trying to  follow  any  particular  trend.
I  can't  but  wonder  which  of  their  songs  is  the best. Good  music  is  timeless, and  thats  what  ABBA's  music  is. A successfull band  they  were,  made  up  of  two  ladies  and  two  guys (Bjorn, Freida, Agnetha  and  Benny).
The generations  of  my  fathers  valued  and  appreciated  the  music  of ABBA, i  dont  know  anyone of  their  era  and  of  my  generation  who  listens  to  ABBA  songs  and  doesn't  appreciate  it.  I  remember  my  parents  playing  their  records  on  the  vinyl  disc  player (turn  tables?). I appreciated  their  music  as  a  kid  and i  still do. I  also  appreciated  their musical  videos, for  their  times  they  were  pioneers  of  the  pop  music  videos.
Abba  is  a  band  that  sounded great  and  looked  great  for  their time, its was the early 70's, glam -rock was at its finest, its during this time Abba wanted to get  noticed. They  have  been  likened  to  the  Spice  Girls  of  their  time. They  hoped  to  make  their  mark  outside  Sweden  and  they  did  achieve  their  aim.
Their  first  song  in  English  was  written  by Neil Sardaka. Their song  Head  Over  Heels  found  a  palce  in  the  UK  top  30 and  their  song Waterloo  became  a  world  wide  smash. As  a  band, they  have  been outsold  only  by  the  Beetles.
Supertrouper, SOS, I  have a dream, kisses of  fire, knowing Me Knowing  you, Gimme,Gimme, Gimme,Chiquiquitta are  some  of  the  numerous  ABBA  songs  that  appeal  to  a  wide  reach  of  people. Obviously  ABBA  is  no  one  hit  wonder.
I give  credit  to  these  legends  of  music.