Monday, 26 September 2011

Paper Qualifications vs Innate gifts and talents.

We live in a world where there is a lot of emphasis on getting an education and making something of our lives. That's good and I think it's important. I'm of the belief that individuals should do their best possible to be the best they can be and maximize the opportunities that come their way in life. If you have the  opportunity to get as much education as you can get, by all means do so.
I study trends, I research on life, and I scrutinise and question issues, I try to understand what works, I ask questions and I appreciate truth. I do my best possible to separate fact from fiction.
I've always asked myself, does a formal education mean success, does having 'paper' qualifications equal financial stability or financial freedom? Are the courses we take in colleges and Universities teaching us the full truth about the real world and how to stand as men and women of  worth or are we all  just being  programmed to  graduate and  serve other people by getting a job? How many University graduates being turned out from Universities the world over go on to achieve financial independence or become successful entrepreneurs?
Is there something wrong with the world we live in or have we all been negatively programmed from birth? Have we been lied to? What is truth? How do we know whats best and what works?
I'll suggest learning from those who have gone ahead of us will give us some answers.
Isn't it an irony of life that some of the most financially successful men in life are those who don't have degrees, or those who have hardly been within the four walls of a lecture hall? I liken it to God "using the foolish things of this world to confound the wise"
Academic qualifications aren't bad, they have their benefits, but it's not the end in itself. It might help you to a good start in life but it's not an assurance of financial stability, a successful career in the long run or all round success.
My understanding is that our potentials, talents and gifts, if properly maximised will take us further than academic qualifications can. Walt Disney literally built his empire by using the gift of his imagination and innate creativity, Albert Einstein credited his ability to dream and use his imagination as the reason for his success above his knowledge,It's Thomas Jefferson who claims a good knowledge of the Bible is better than a college degree. Could it be that we are being fed the wrong values and information from birth, do many of us take enough time to scrutinise and question the paths we are pushed unto in life or do we just do things like everyone else does? Have you taken the time to find out what your gifts and abilities are, and do you use them? Have you  taken the time to develop your confidence in them or  are you  too busy with everyday life and your 'paper' qualifications that you don't  focus on what matters most  in life anymore?
Do you carry out self appraisals on yourself? You need to. What are your interests? They are a pointer to what you may excel the best at. And do you go for  what you want or do you live your life to please people?
You are a gifted person, you need to go on a journey of self discovery today.