Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Smart Company

The times we are in is an era of innovation.
The innovative times we are in has given rise to the word 'smart', giving it visibility in every sector.
The market is full of 'smart' products. And companies are evolving into smart companies to maintain relevance.
Innvovation is the key to relevance, the smart company puts itself on the innovative edge, this way it moves with the 'times'.
 In other words, companies are embracing innovation in these competitive technological and economic times so as not to vanish into obscurity.
Innovation has given rise to branding.
The smart company is the company that brands itself well.
The word innovation connotes an upgrading, an improving upon that which already exists.
So smart companies are companies that have upgraded not only the efficiency of their operations but upgraded the platforms of their operations. They combine 'the personal touch of the individual with the high touch of modern technology' to leverage their chances of success.
Smart products are products that are improvements on older version that already exists. They range from mobile phones, to cars, to wrist watches, houses, glasses and computers.
The innovative or smart individual is the one who is able to connect the dots and come up with creative concepts that benefit humanity.
Behind smart companies and smart products are smart individuals.
An upgraded mind is available to you, Proverbs 8:12
Smart individuals are inspirations to all of us. Are you one of them?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

My seal

It reflects my calling/ministry, my art/calligraphy, my business/dream and my experience/aim

In His highest grace,
Olutosin Ogunkolade