Saturday, 3 May 2014


Imagine what it would be like if you had the power to see into the future,if you had the power to foresee events, if you had the power to predict the future. Wouldn't that be great?
You would know what to do to avoid costly mistakes, because you would see those mistakes before they happen. People would seek you out for your gift and ability and even be willing to pay you huge sums of money for the 'service' and help you can render them.
Of course, with such an ability you would be rich! You will know the winning ticket to buy for the lottery, the winning numbers to pick for that money giving quiz show and the government and other external agencies and bodies will seek your guidance in finding out how to solve future problems and how to avoid them.
Fortune 500 companies will seek you out to receive clarity about the future, so as to position themselves for relevance in the ever competitive business and financial world.
There is something about the human race that feels a need to know the future. Perhaps it's because of the fear of the future many people feel, or the insecurity that comes about as a result of our limitations as a people. Many people feel uncertain about the future, some fear facing the future, and many feel powerless when it comes to the issue of the future.
Perhaps this is part of the reason mediums and psychics make a fortune out of many.This is the reason many who claim to be 'prophets' and seers also make a good living. I believe there are true prophets or seers who have an ability to see into the future of a nation or an individual, depending on the revelations by God's Spirit given to them. I also believe such true prophets are perhaps in the minority in numbers.
With an ability to see the future, a technology company, a business investor and innovators would know what to do next to be above their competition and what the next big thing will be.
Hmmnn, the next big thing.
I believe proper positioning is one of the keys to success. There are people who are not the smartest of people, the shrewdest of business men or the most educated individuals but by some good fortune of being positioned at the right place at the right time they have found themselves at the top.Such positioning is what we christians call divine direction or divine guidance.
If only man could see into the future.
There was a time young men who pursued a career in football were not taken seriously, it was young men who were school drop outs, young men who were seen as less bright and not having a future that were relegated to football careers.But today all that has changed, football is one of the highest money generating sports in the world! If only some parents had foresight back then, perhaps their talented boys would have benefit from football being the next big thing if  their parents supported them when they showed an interest in it back then or had the privilege of being signed up by club sides.
Who knew microsoft would be the next big thing in the area of software and computing when it was starting off in a garage by a relatively unknown boy who was seen as a geek?
Who knew the impact and influence google would make as a company to the information age we are in when two young men came together to start it or the reach and success facebook would attain when Mark Zuckerberg started it as a social means of keeping in touch with his peers from University?
Who knows what the next big thing will be or who the next big 'thing' will be so we can invest in it, in him or her now before the world knows it.
I guess we never know.
That's why we are human, we have our limitations and our vision is limited when it comes to these matters.
Only God knows what and who the next big thing will be. And we need His strategies and direction
The best we can do is to be nice to one another, be sensitive and observant.
Like we say in Nigeria, "shine your eye"