Monday, 17 January 2011

True Success!

Success  is  fine, attractive  and compelling.
Perhaps that's the reason everyone wants to succeed, its a known fact that every right thinking person wants to succeed in life and at what they do. There is a desire within us to make it and i believe its a positive, healthy and godly desire that the Lord put within us.
For me true success is having Gods divine presence with you in all you do. Success is not merely material acquisition (though there is nothing wrong with this), success is not merely getting the best formal education, going to Ivy league schools,degrees and certificates (these things are not bad in themselves) but what profit are these things if there is no deeper meaning and understanding to life beyond what we can touch and see.
God  is a suceess (don't you  think so?) Afterall he created the universe and all we see and don't see. Man is still researching and looking into what God created and will continue to do so. Our God is soo vast! And we are created in His image, thats what the Book tells us. We are created in the image of true success.
Success means many things to different people at different stages of life.
True  success is our birthright, thats the truth! At whatever stage of life you are, you can succeed.

Success is beautiful and has many attributes. There is no separating your success from the state of  your  mind.
attributes of  true success:
1) True success comes from Gods divine presence.
2)Success is a mind game, get your thoughts and mental state right and your well on your way to succeed.
3)Success comes to those who refuse to give up but keep going.
4)Success comes when there is divine direction (God leads in the path of profitting and peace)
5)Success has to be visualised, imagined and declared.
6)Success answers to originality and creativity.
7)Success is a choice you have to make.
8)Success has a price tag attached to it, pay it.
9)Success is a spirit, keep your spiritual state healthy. Pay attention to your spirit man and spiritual life.
10)True success answers to godly wisdom which comes from the Book. Pay attention to it, this attracts Gods blessing!

You will succeed!