Friday, 22 May 2015


The unicorn has always been a fascinating creature for me.
I guess I am not the only one who is intrigued by the unicorn.
I think the world is. The world of children's entertainment, fantasy and adventure games and books, fiction stories and tales have all sorts of stories about unicorns.
In most fiction stories they fly. Some have wings and some don't. They are also known for their speed.
In the movie 'Clash Of The Titans', Pegasus is the pet horse and major form of transportation of the protagonist Perseus. Pegasus is a beautiful, mystical looking white horse that reminds the viewer of a unicorn.
There is a lot in the world of fiction that is true.
As a student of the Bible I know angel like white horses are real. Pegasus makes it easy for me to visualize these horses. These flying white horses are the answer for horses of what angel horses look like. We know from the Bible that every time angels (spirits) are described they appear as men. If there are spirit horses that these angels ride on in heaven and which the Lord Jesus Christ the King of angels rides on leading His heavenly host, then we can call these flying white horses angel horses.
One thing is certain, the horses talked about in the book of Revelation from the Bible are spirits. They are not ordinary horses of the types we see on earth.
These flying white horses of heaven the Bible talks about remind me of Pegasus from Clash Of The Titans. We don't know if these heavenly horse have wings like Pegasus does but we know from the Bible that they fly. Spirits can fly.
Unicorns also fly.
Pegasus reminds me of unicorns as depicted in the image of this article and I imagine a unicorn as its widely belived unicorns look like. It's belief unicorns have spiral and straight portruding horns out of their fore head.
Since Pegasus didn't have a horn Pegasus can't pass as a unicorn.
The spirit flying white horses of the book of revelations most likely looked like Pegasus but nothing is written about whether they had wings or not. If they doave wings, Pegasus like creatures are real. I believe they are. And it is very likely those horses, just like angels have some which are wingless and some which have wings among them.
The world, creation, is full of mysteries. The mysteries are both in the natural and spirit realm. I am in awe of God and His works.
If these horses the book of Revelation writes about have horns, then unicorns exist.
Perhaps that is where the idea of unicorns come from, who knows?
However if unicorns didn't exist then why does the Bible mention the word unicorn in describing a creature. Unicorns are mentioned 9 times in 5 different parts of the King James Bible.
However some argue it's not the 'imaginary' unicorn as we know it today that the Bible is refering to.
The Bible talks about dragons to, and I have been able to prove dragons exist, in the books of Revelation satan is depicted as a dragon.
If these creatures don't exist why would the Bible use these specific words?
Spiritual realities can show what what exists physically, and physical realities are often patterned after what exists in the heavens even if we haven't seen them before.
Some of those flying horses which definitely exist may have horns, just the same way some of them may have wings.
I believe unicorns exist.
Look up to the skies, be on the watch. Who knows, you just might see one flying in the skies one day.

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