Wednesday, 23 November 2011


I remember when I was a kid many years ago I used to enjoy watching the Transformers cartoon. 'Transformers' and 'Masters of the Universe' (He-Man) were my favourite cartoons. I liked the concept of cars, vehicles changing into two legged man like forms known as decepticons and autobots.
There was the starting song that goes ''Transformers more than meets the eye, transformers robots in disguise. Autobots still battle to destroy the evil forces of, of the decepticons''
It's a song I liked and used to look forward to hearing when my favourite cartoon starts. But looking back there is more meaning and truth in that song than I realize.
There is a truth in the song that good and evil battle, just the same way it is in real life, light and darkness oppose one another. The part that caught my attention more about that song is that statement '...........more than meets the eye'
That statement is deeper than I can explain in this article. Things are not always what it seems, and there is usually always more than meets the eye.
There is more to us as people, what we see on the outside is a facade of us, for there is a spirit within. Many of the challenges we face are not ordinary too, and have their roots in sources deeper than we think.
The world we live in is not all there is for there is a realm where all we see originates from. Within our outward countenances there are systems, so many different systems working within our bodies.
There is more than meets the eye to the food we eat. Irrespective of what your food looks like, its broken down and converted  into another form and within it are nutritional values that are beneficial for your body.
Our electronic devices and appliances are also composed of little components which are not seen but our covered up by its outer casing which we see just the same way the human body covers up the hormones, enzymes, chemical reactions, and organs within us.
It's time our perspective changes, its time we learn not to take issues at face value anymore.