Friday, 11 March 2011

Mental Empowerment

The mind is one of  the  greatest  gifts  the  creator  has  given  to  man. Our mind is one of the major gifts  we  have  been  given  that  distinguishes us from every other animal or creation. For it's with the mind we have personalities, abilities and potential, our minds make us sane, our minds help us to see, gesture and do things. Its with our minds that we meditate, visualise and imagine. Our progress is directly linked with the health and development of our mental faculties. This is why we have a responsibility to look after minds and see to its proper development.
Our mental development should have a lot to do with our age, as we grow older we should grow wiser and more mature. It is also possible for an individual to be mentally developed way beyond his age, for some are mature at 17 and  some others immature at 70.
 Maturity is a state of the mind.
There is a lot we can do to see to it that are minds are healthy, our minds are like computers (the human mind has more potential than any computer) and in the same way we watch over our PC's we have to watch over our brains too. We do our best possible to see to it that our PC's are protected from viruses, it should be the same way with our brains. We have to be careful what we allow into it, be careful what you feed your brain.
There are 'gates' or 'door ways' to the brain. Our eyes, our ears, our noses and our mouths. The eyes are the most powerful door way to the brain, the things we look at and the things we constantly view become energy to the brain, which eventually sticks in the brain. What you watch could either be beneficially to your brain or act as a virus to you brain.
Other ways of developing the brain are reading, using our imaginative capacity (unfortunately many people let this die with their childhood), meditation (this is very potent becuase the brain learns and receives by saturation) and mental games like word puzzles, sudoku and chess.
The creator in his infinite love for us is not left out in his care for our brains/minds. He has given us His Spirit. The Spirit God is also a Spirit of the mind, for He brings ''all things to our remembrance''. The ability to remember is of the mind. God's Spirit brings our minds alive. In scripture He is explained as the spirit of counsel, knowledge,wisdom,understanding and fear of the Lord. All these have to do with the mind for its in the mind that wisdom and other qualities listed reside.
''God wishes that we should be in health and prosper even as our souls prosper''. The mind/brain is of the soul. For our souls are made up of our will, our minds and our emotions. So Gods Spirit comforts, encourages and brings remembrance to our minds, Gods Spirit touches our memory for the better.
It's time to be mentally empowered.

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