Sunday, 8 January 2017

See More, Have More.

Genesis 13:15

God had a great inheritance for Abraham but Abraham had to see it first.
God has more for you than what you have right now.
In God there is always more. 2 Kings 6:16

There is more of His anointing, His power, His grace, His faith, His strength,, His dreams and revelations available to His children.
In 2017, there is more for you in God so don't settle for less.
You also have a responsibility to  to do certain things to receive your 'more' from the Lord.
John 2:5

One of the things we need to know and do to receive our 'more' from the Lord is to see better.
Our ability to see better goes a long way.
Sight matters.
What you don't see, you cannot benefit from.

By sight I am not referring purely to physical sight but our vision, our imagination and the eyes of our understanding. Ephesians 1:18
What we see is what we get.
You need to see more to get more.
What you cannot see you may never have.

As God had more for Abraham, He has more for you.
God had more in store for Joseph than his past and present experience of being in Potiphar's house.
God had the palace in mind for Joseph, God had rulership in store for Joseph. Genesis 41:14-40
God has more in store for you and He wants you to see it!
God had more in store for David than being a shepherd boy. 2 Samuel 7:8
God had more in store for Peter, and Andrew than being fisher men. Matthew 4:19

God in His faithfulness helps you to see what He has for you.
It is a spiritual law that you have to see it before you possess it.
God helped Abraham to 'see' by showing Him the stars. Genesis 15:5
God helped Joseph to 'see' by giving him dreams that are prophetic and apply to his destiny.
Genesis 37:2-11
God helped Jacob build his own business by giving him a dream that revealed the strategy to build his own business while he was working with his uncle Laban.

It is not everyone who has eyes that see right.
God is willing to reveal to you what you must know.
God is willing to show you what you need to see.
What you hear you will meditate and imagine upon.
What you hear also matters this is why God speaks to us.

How does God help us see right?
1) By His Word: Gods Word is likened to light. Light helps us see right. Psalm 119:105
God's Word shows us who we are and what we can have.

2) By His Holy Spirit: God's Spirit helps us 'see' spiritually.
John 16:15
Gods Spirit speaks to us, reveals to us, and shows us things!

3) By Dreams and Visions: Dreams and visions are part of the language of the Holy Spirit.
God can give you visions and dreams about who you are and what you can have.
Genesis 46:2
Isaiah 6:1-8
Ezekiel 1:4-14

4) By opening the eyes of our understanding: Ephesians 1:18
God is the one who makes us understand what we need to understand.
When the eyes of our understanding is opened, we 'see' well and know what we need to know.

5) The use of our imagination: Colossians 3:2
Your imagination is from your mind.
Our imaginations are powerful!
The purpose of our imagination is not for thinking up evil pictures in our minds or plotting evil.
Our imagination has been given to us for our good.
Thinking pictures of good and blessing.

Olutosin Ogunkolade shared this message.