Friday, 26 August 2011

The Love Of Money.

Money is a necessity, an essential and integral part of life. To live a decent and comfortable life here on earth, a good amount of money is needed. To have a 'presence' on the earth and  to make an impact money  is  needful.
It's commonly said that "the love of money is the root of all evil", I believe this is true because the good Book says so. The "Love of money" refers to your attitude, or your motive for wanting money.
Money in itself is not the problem, because money can be a blessing and can be used as a force or energy for good. Money can be used as a creative tool, to manifest our dreams and make good things happen like advancing worthwhile causes that benefits humanity. Just like most things, money is not bad but what you do with it is what makes the difference. We are meant to love people and use money, it shouldn't be the other way round, but unfortunately many people love money and use people. This is responsible for a lot of the decay and unfortunate circumstances in the world.
People who "love" money, make one of the following mistakes or all of the following mistakes:
(a) an exaggerated importance placed on money or money matters.
(b) they think money can do or buy everything.
(c) bowing to unscriptural circumstances and going with the flow by doing what everybody does when it comes to money.
As important as money is in this world, we are not meant to "love" it but desire it., for there are many things money cannot 'do' for us.
  • Money can buy us a bed but she cannot buy us sleep.
  • Money can buy us books but she cannot buy us intelligence.
  • Money can buy us sex but she cannot get us true love.
  • Money can buy the good Book but she cannot buy us salvation.
  • Money can attract 'friends' to us but she cannot fix loneliness.
  • Money can get us a wedding but she cannot produce a marriage.
  • Money can get us the best tutors but she doesn't give us wisdom or a retentive memory.

We musn't be ruled by money. It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor, you could be ruled by money. The love of money has made many men join the occult, thereby shortening their life span, the love of money has made many drivers reckless, as they want to make many rounds as possible, the love of money has destroyed many potential friendships, relationships, beneficial business partnerships, marriages and even peoples health. The love of money has turned many gentlemen into murderers and ladies  into diabolical schemers.
Money can be a blessing or a curse to you depending on your state of heart towards it. It's time to get our priorities right when it comes to money, it affects us all. It's time to love people, and use money.