Monday, 21 January 2013


'It's better late than never'- that's a statement that is true in many respects. I would rather achieve a goal in my lifetime rather late than not achieve that goal at all.
You may not have achieved all you wanted to achieve in 2012, but that is why this article has been written. It's been written to remind you that it's better late than never!
 Be encouraged, though the year is going by rather fast, be consoled that you are still in the first month of the year 2013, there is still hope for you and you can make it.
 It will not be late for you this year. Might I encourage you to write out your goals for the year, be determined in your heart to pursue and achieve them, be prayerful in everything you do this year and ask God to open your eyes to the opportunities around you (there are opportunities around you, you probably aren't seeing them) and very importantly, learn to seize opportunities this year.
 As you make the most of opportunities that come your way this year, you can be sure that this year you will find yourself in places of fulfilment.
 My article wasn't written on the first of January which would have been the ideal day to write it but I'm happy I have been able to find the time to write it in the first month of the year.
I have been busy with marital life, my career and numerous other plans and projects.
Since it's better late than never, I believe it's not to late to wish you a happy new year. Wishing you a happy and properous 2013.