Friday, 27 May 2011


As  far  as  skin  colour  is  concerned,  humanity  is  divided  into  black  and  white, the  man  of  colour  and  the  caucasian. All people  on  the  face  of  the  earth  fall into  one  of  these  categories ( it's not  that  the  skin  colour  of  an  individual matters  to  me) i take all men as God's creation and should therefore be respected. Any one (black or white) can be my brother or my sister, but its rather unfortunate there are many who do not share this view. I have often wondered why humanity  has to be so divisive. Is this how the creator created us or did something go wrong  with  humanity  along  the  way?
Lately  i  have  seen  and  heard  people  share  all  kinds  of  divisive  and  discriminatory  teachings  that  doesn't  promote  peace  for  humanity  in  anyway. I am fully  persuaded  that  when  man kind  was  created  it  was  in  the  will  of  God  that  all  men  should  live  in  peace  irrespective  of  their  skin  colour. THE  BLACK  MAN IS  NOT  MORE  IMPORTANT  OR  SUPERIOR  THAN  THE  WHITE  MAN NEITHER  IS  THE  WHITE  MAN  MORE  IMPORTANT  OR  SUPERIOR  THAN THE  BLACK MAN  for God is no respecter of  persons and  all  men  are created  equal.
Black supremacy teachings will only cause controversy and won't  totally  better the lot of  the man of  colour. In  it's  deception  it's  even  being  applied  to  our  faith! There  are  arguments  and  difference  in  opinion  about  whether  Jesus  is  a  black  man  or  not. Jesus  was  a  Jew. Whatever  category  you  classify  a  Jew  into  is  what  Jesus  was. If  a  Jew  is  a  black  person  to  you  then  Jesus  was  black  when   He  was  on  the  earth, if  you  categorize  a  Jew  as  a  caucasian  person  then  thats  what  Jesus  was  when  he  was  on  earth  in  the  flesh. Whether  Jesus  was  black  or  white  is  not  what  is  important, what  is  important  is  that  men  of  any colour  should  have  love  and  mutual  respect  for  one  another. Many of  these black  supremacy  teachings are  interesting  and  insightful  but  they  aren't  well  balanced  or  thought  out, it  emphasises  empowering  the  black  man or  black  community  (which  is  not  a  bad  idea  in  itself)  but  the  issue  is  which  kind  of  empowerment  are  we  refering  to  and how  do  we  go  about  it? THE  ONLY  TRUE  EMPOWERMENT  THERE  IS, IS  THE EMPOWERMENT  FROM  GOD'S  SPIRIT. Every other  type of  empowerment  is a  mirage, a distortion  and  an  illusion. Emphasising God's Spirit among the black community is the missing link in the black supremacy theology, and with the Spirit comes a wisdom that  is  the opposite of the kind commonly found in this world which comes with pride and eventually causes division. Black supremacy teachings in my opinion has only caused division.
 Just like the keys of the piano that are black and white which work together to produce  melodious sounds God  has created caucasian  and  black coloured people  to  live  and  work  together  in  unity  for  the  betterment of  the world  and  mankind. It's  when  we can  live  together  as one, it's  when  we  can  live together  in  unity  irrespective  of  the  colour  of  our  skin  or  some  difference  in  lifestyle  that  it  can  be  said  that  humanity  is  producing  the  right  'sound'  to  God's glory.


  1. What have done black people for humanity? What have they discovered, achieved? They even hadn't a civilization back then, and I still doubt they have now. The white race has proved a thousand times it's superiority. History is fact.

    1. civilization is beside the point, they lived in peace and unity in Africa before the europeans enslaved them, before the Middle Passage plunged them into a world of violence. they created the pyramids (constructed 2630 BCE–2611 BCE) way before slavery, they had their civilazation, it may not be the europens definition of civilization and that our problem our minds are too Eurocentric. black inventors and their inventions:
      from the electronic fingerprint system to traffic lights and potato chips they have contributed a lot more than you think. the white race has proved that in fear of the blacks strength and superiority they have limited degraded and denied them opportunities to reach and surpass whites, Nothing Else, just fear. as you said... HISTORY IS FACT~

  2. why can't black people and the rest of "people of color" just accept white people as "people of color".

    We have melanin in our skin so we are of color too.

    Then we wouldn't need such a label, and albinism is a disorder so that wouldn't be counted.