Friday, 6 March 2015


Hebrews 4:12
Revelation 8:4
Revelation 5:8

Prayer can be and should be intelligent.
God's Word has an intelligence.
God our Father, is the all wise God.
When we pray to the all wise God we should pray intelligently.
It's not every prayer that is acceptable to God.
There are prayers that are wrongly prayed. The Bible says we can pray amiss.
Prayer and God's Word should go together.
God's Word gives our prayers a spiritual intelligence!
God's Word has an intelligence!
God's Word is alive and creative!
By intelligent prayer, I am referring to prayer that is living, prayer that is alive, prayer that is creative!

Intelligent prayers are Kingdom prayers.
Intelligent prayer is progressive prayer.
Intelligent prayers are Kingdom minded prayer.
Kingdom minded prayers are prayers that get God's attention.
The fastest way to get anyone's attention is to discuss a topic or topics they are interested in with them. The moment you discuss issues of interest with a person, you've got his attention. It can be the same with God.
Prayer in it's most basic definition is communication with God.
Prayer is presenting a speech before God.
If your speech has God's priority in it, it will get God's attention! 1 Kings 3:10
God's priority is His Kingdom, His power and His glory! Matthew 6:13
That's why Master Jesus mentioned the Kingdom, the power and the glory of God in His prayer, popularly called 'The Lord's Prayer'

Our prayers can be living, progressive, creative and intelligent like the prayers of Jesus were when He was  on earth.
It's the Word of God that makes our prayers like that.
When the Word of God is rightly applied in the place of prayer through God's Spirit, it becomes intelligent, creative, living, kingdom prayer.
In other words our prayer takes on the nature of God's Word. When our prayer takes on the nature of God's Word, we will not pray amiss, we will get God's attention because God respects and responds to His Word. Psalm 89:34
When we pray, our prayers rise up to God as incense. What kind of incense or prayer are you raising up to God. Is it intelligent?

Intelligent Prayer is a short message that was shared by Pastor Olutosin Ogunkolade at THE LIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST ASSEMBLY on the 4th of March 2015 Wednesday Prayer meeting.