Thursday, 15 January 2015

Come One, Come All


Do you live in London, Uk?
Or are you a visitor or tourist passing through this beautiful city?
Whoever you are and whatever your status, there is a place for you at The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly Ministries.
Our church is a Jesus focused teaching ministry with a love culture.
Why not pay us a visit?You will be glad you did!!!
A warm welcome awaits you.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Season's Greetings!

Do you live in London, UK, are you visiting or passing through as a tourist?
Join us for a precious time in the Lord's presence on the 24th of December 2014 (christmas eve service) by 7pm and the 31st of December 2014 (watch night service) by 10pm @ 5-15 Beaumont road, off prince regent road, Plaistow, London E13 8RJ
You will be glad you did!

Saturday, 1 November 2014


A school is a place of learning where we acquire knowledge and training we feel will be beneficial to us in life. The essence of schools is to prepare us for the future, we don't necessarily go to school for the present but schooling is more for the future. There is a common knowledge humanity seems to have, which is that 'the future is more important than the present.
In the film sequels, Harry Potter, authored by J.K Rolling and the lead acting acted by Daniel Radcliffe we see that there is a spiritual school of witchcraft called Hogwarts that is as real as a physical school, where witches and wizards are groomed. They learn how to use their 'powers', develop their talents and they are observed in this school so as to discover who is special and what each witch/wizard can do. There is a truth in what J.K Rowling penned about Hogwarts. I believe there are spiritual schools as their are physical schools, for the physical realm shows and reflects the spiritual realm. If we humans know the importance of preparing for the future through 'schooling' how much more spirit beings like God and satan. The Bible talks about the school of prophets where senior/chief/master prophets had a school where they trained and groomed other prophets in their prophetic gifts. Prophets Samuel was a chief prophet or master prophet who trained other prophets. He had a school of prophets in a town called Ramah, as their teaching prophet, he was teaching and raising new prophets for the work of God. God knows the importance of His prophets being schooled and so does satan. I believe that's what Harry Potter's school Hogwarts reveals to us, that satan to trains his agents and initiates them early. Apart from academic schools, God also trains his warriors and champions through schools of life. Schools of life qualify you for the next stage and the glory ahead.
In Psalm 144 verse 1 David said ''blessed is the Lord who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to do battle''. So God trains people.This suggests to me that God has a 'school' of training where He trains people to become the individuals and leaders He wants them to be. 
This 'school' is not a Bible school or seminary of some sort. It is a 'school of life' where God's champions are forged! It is a place where fears are confronted, faith is developed, gifts and talents are sharpened and potentials are forced to manifest. It's in this 'school' we are trained for the great future and inheritance God has for us.
King David is one of God's champions in the scriptures. King David was once a candidate of this 'school', it's in this school he qualified himself for the Kingship of Israel. This 'school' is not the four walls of a classroom, it is the back corner of the 'wilderness' for many, this school has the storms of life as part of its different stages and challenges and trials as part of its many courses.
Many people who were potential champions have dropped out of this school because of their inability to endure, and an unwillingness to persist.
When you are being trained in this school you are hardly seen and relatively unknown because the time of your showing has not yet come. Your graduation from this school after passing your 'courses' is what 'shows' you or brings you to your manifestation.
King David passed, he made it to the Kingship and became a hero of faith! What about you? Have you even enrolled?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The genius in you!

You are a genius.
Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant, neither do I care if you don't believe the statement I just typed.
I know its true and that's what matters to me.
I know you are a genius because God created you. God doesn't create junk.
Man (the human race) is the best and most priced of his creation.
If you are from the human race, then you are valuable, valuable because a high price has been placed upon you by God to the point of God coming to earth in human form and shedding holy blood for your redemption.
Within you are gifts, talents and abilities that you may not have even scratched the surface of or realized. How many people discover what they carry anyway? Some people discover some of the things within them but they despise their idea, gift or talent. You must not make that mistake!
If Bill Gates had ignored is idea, there wouldn't be microsoft today, if Steve Jobs ignored his talent there wouldn't exist the apple coorporation today and the many products they have invented which have been a blessing to humanity.
If James Dyson had made light of his ability, we wouldn't have the beautiful and innovative Dyson products that have been a blessing to humanity.
I wonder what is in you?
What are your gifts, talents,abilities and ideas?
You have something, it will set you apart.
You have something, you must use it!
You have something in you that can bless the world. Don't go to the grave with the blessings you are meant to bless humanity with. Make sure you die 'empty'.
You are God's highest creation, you are a masterpiece, thats why I said you are a genius. Geniuses are created by a genuies. God is the genius. You are His creation. He wouldn't create anything less because you are His image and likeness if you are in Christ Jesus!
Ask God to show you what you have.
Ask God to show you what you have in your hand.
Carry out a genuine self appraisal on yourself!
What you have may look insignificant to you, but it may be everything to someone else. It may be everything to the world.
Moses, in the book of Exodus in the Bible had a shepherds rod in his hand. He didn't see it as a spectacular or special rod, afterall he had been 'shepherding' the flocks of Jethro his father in-law for many years. Yet it was the tool in the hands of Moses that God would use to deliver a nation and make history!
What are you ignoring around you, what are you disdaining about yourself or your gifts?
David the shepherd boy would not have come to national prominence if he had not defeated Goliath. But the question is, what did he defeat Goliath with? A sling and a stone! He defeated Goliath with that which looked simple but was in his hand!
What will bring you success and victory is not far from you. It's around you, its a potential, its in your hand, and it is enough. It could be a skill, an ability or an effort. It could be your prayer that will make the difference, it could be your God given wisdom, your money or your oratory gift, even your hand writing. All I know is that you have something, you are a genius, it will set you apart!
Peace be!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly Ministries!

The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly is a Jesus focused ministry the Lord has graciously raised me to lead!
Do you live in London, are you passing through London or are you visiting?Be sure to pay us a visit!
Ours is a warm Bible teaching ministry where we 'teach God's Word and spread God's light'
The messages from our pulpit have been Bible backed and inspired by the Lord (Job 32:8)
We are an assembly of God's people that God is raising up in such a time like this.
Are you looking for where to serve God with your time, talent and treasure?

This is the place to be, this is the place to serve God.
If there is any time the world needs the refreshing of God, it is now!
If there is anytime the worlds need to stand on God's Word and promises, it is now!
Visit us on Sundays: 12 mid days to 2:30pm (Worship and Word service), and Wednesdays: 7pm to 9pm (Prayer Service)
@ 5-15 Beaumont road, Plasitow, London E13 8RJ
God bless you! (Galatians 3:8)

This Issue called Ebola

Illness, sickness, and disease have never been friends of man.
The reason it is so is that apart from the discomfort, there is something in the human nature that knows that being sick, diseased, and weighed down is alien to how we have been created.
Mere headaches that have been rectified by pain killers is rejected and not welcome by humanity how much more life taking killers like CANCER, HIV or EBOLA.
My focus is on the Ebola virus.
It's contagious, spreads quickly and breaks down the immune system eventually leading to death; unlike HIV which its victims can live with and that can be suppressed by drugs for many years before it develops into full blown aids
The mind boggles.
Why Africa, particularly West Africa? It's not that any other part of the world deserves the ebola virus but as an African I can't help but wonder why its spreading so fast in that part of the world.
As a christian and a Pastor I can't help but look at the ebola issue with spiritual and Biblical lenses.
Research has linked the genesis and spread of this virus to animals, particularly bush meat and bats.
The Bible talks about plagues that will be released in the end times as judgement on the earth by certain angels from their bowls. Some believe we are in those times and this ebola out break is one of the plagues the book of Revelation talks about.
My belief is that only God knows!
Whether it evolved from animals in the forest of Africa or its a spiritual out break in fulfilment of prophecy, what I do know is that it has to be well managed. This calls for good and competent leadership on the part of West African nations. At the federal level, borders should be well checked, monitored and a system put in place to oversee who comes into the border of each country.
The good thing is that the virus/infection can be isolated and eventually killed, or done away with whenever the victim whose contacted it passes on. This virus can be buried!
The sad thing is that if its not well managed and it continues to spread, it will eventually lead to the formation Ebola colonies, where isolated ebola victims are kept until their death. It reminds me of how lepers were isolated in Bible times, where there were leprosy colonies or vallies where those who have leprosy are isolated and kept. This can be avoided in West African countries if we are careful about who we let into our countries, and the government makes sure medical personel who research on ebola and treat its victims are well supported and renumerated.
My advice is for christians who live in all these regions to stand on and confess Psalm 91 regularly.