Thursday, 29 June 2017

Prayer: The Way Maker

The God we serve is a God who can make a way for His people where there seems to be no way.
Isaiah 43:19
Prayer is a major way we connect and communicate with God.
God responds to the prayers of His saints. Psalm 145:18
Since God responds to our prayers, prayers can make a way for us.

If you are stuck in any area of life, you need to pray. Exodus 14:10-16
If you feel cornered in any area of life, you need to pray. 2 Chronicles 14:8-12
If you feel limited, incapable, and fearful to go forward in life you need to take your prayer life seriously. 2 Chronicles 14:8-12
If you have been losing life's battles you need to pray. 1 Chronicles 4:9,10
If you are being dug by failure in everything you do, you need to pray well. 1 Chronicles 4:9,10
If your life is following a pattern you're not happy about, you need to pray. 1 Chronicles 4:9

Prayer can change things, make a way and bring an open door when we pray well and God is pleased with our prayer. 1 Kings 3:10
We have every reason to be encouraged to pray.

We should pray because:
Your life and eternity requires you pray.
Your children need your prayer.
Your loved ones need your prayer.
To fulfill your calling, prayer is required.
Your church & the body of Christ needs your prayers.
Your nation needs your prayer
Every unbeliever you know needs your prayer.

Olutosin Ogunkolade shared this message!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

God's Compensation Plan

1 Peter 5:10

God has a plan to compensate you for every challenge. setback, difficulty, and suffering you've ever faced.
Life can be tough at times and it's not God's will that we don't reap or receive any rewards in life.
It is not God's plan that our life should be a continuous journey of suffering, sorrow or pain.

It is God's will that life goes well for you. Proverbs 4:18

Compensations are important because we will get weary and faint without them. Galatians 6:9
Compensations encourage us and keep us going.
Knowing you will be compensated inspires you to obey the Lord  and stay in God's will even when it's not easy or popular. Hebrews 12:2

Your compensation is the reward or benefit you get for doing what is expected of you very well.
Companies, individuals, governments, parents compensate when staff, friends, citizens, family or children do the right thing.
How much more God? Hebrews 11:6
If human beings are wise enough to compensate one another, how much more the all wise God.

Jeremiah 29:11 informs us that God has a plan for His people, He has a plan for you!
There is an eternal plan God has in place to compensate you for your service in His Kingdom and there is a present day plan God has in place to compensate you.

So your compensation is divided into two:
* Your present day compensation. Matthew 19:29
* Your future compensation. Matthew 5:12

How do we receive our compensation?
It is to our benefit to obey God. God will compensate the obedient.

1. Seeking God diligently. Hebrews 11:6
2. Obeying God fully. Deuteronomy 28:1-13
3. Fighting the Lord's battles. 1 Samuel 17:26,27, 1 Timothy 6:12
4. Stay in your purpose and assignment. Proverbs 19:21
5. Ask God. Matthew 21:22

Olutosin Ogunkolade, Teacher-Pastor shared this message.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Your Prayer & Your Glory

2 Peter 1:19

You have glory that God has given you.
You have a 'star', a heavenly manifestation of your God given glory.
You star reveals the glory you are supposed to manifest on the earth. Romans 8:19

The wise men could see that the star of Jesus which appeared is the star of a king, the star of a man who is not ordinary.
They could see the fulfillment of prophecy in the star of Jesus, they could tell the Messiah has been born.
They rose up, traveled a long journey and came to worship the man whose star has been seen.
May your star be seen by the right people!
The right people are those who rejoice when they see see your glory.

Prayer affects the earthly, heavenly and spiritual realms. James 5:17
Prayer can protect and help the shinning of your star.
Prophets and inspired men had been praying about the coming of Jesus Christ for hundreds of years.
Prayer can defeat and dislodge evil forces against your glory.
Prayer is part of your spiritual armour and weaponry. Ephesians 6:18

There are evil spirits in heavenly places that manipulate, destroy or attack people's lives.
Prayer is a spiritual weapon with which we defeat them.
The evil done against us by tampering with our 'star' can be reversed in the place of prayer.
Prayer is one of the spiritual weapons a believer has that tears down strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:4

God is the giver of glory.
God is a glorious God.
He created man in His image and likeness, so man has been created with glory attached to his life just like His creator.
Psalm 84:11

Prayer helps us connect to the glorious God and helps maintain our relationship with Him.
An aspect of the glory we have been given is divine presence.
God's presence is glory in itself.
Prayer helps us stay sensitive to God,and helps us to be aware of divine presence.

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher- Pastor shared this message.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Hearing God.

Matthew 13:16

People have different views about hearing God.
Some believe God exists but doesn't speak to anyone.
Some believe God speaks to only a select few, those He chooses to speak to.
Some believe God doesn't exist and therefore there's no point trying to hear a God who is not real.
And some believe like I do that God is a speaking God and He talks to people.

Irrespective of the different views out there, what the Holy scriptures inform is what is the truth.
The voice of God is meant to be heard by His sons and daughters. John 10:3-4.
The voice of God is one of the greatest asset of a believer.
God's voice directs, helps, inspires, brings confidence and helps to prevent mistake. John10:5

Hearing God's voice can protect and preserve your life.
Hearing God's voice can change your life forever.
Isaiah 9:8
God is a speaking God.
He is a Father who communicates with His children.
There will be days and times God speaks audibly.
There will be other times He communicates with us in ways we can understand.
God's voice can come to you audibly and also in a still small voice.

The scriptures teach us some things about the voice of God:
1) God's voice can come to you when you seek His guidance. 1 Samuel 30:8
2) God's voice will come to you when God sees you're ready to obey. John15:14,15
3) God's voice is not often loud. 1 Kings 19:11-13
4) God's voice can come to help you or declare judgement. Revelation 1:16
5) God's voice is powerful. Psalm 68:33
6) God's voice will come to the spiritually mature. Luke 1:80
7) God's voice will be heard by the humble. James 4:6

The voice of God is important
Our spiritual ears must be opened to hear.
Having physical ears doesn't mean you hear God's voice.
Having physical ears doesn't mean your spiritual ears are opened. Mark 8:18
When our spiritual ears are opened we will hear God's voice when He speaks to us.
We should aim for spiritual maturity, as we mature in God and get to know Him better through the process of a renewed mind we will become more sensitive to God and our spiritual ears become opened to hear God. Romans 12:2

We need to hear God to enter His purpose for our lives. Jeremiah 33:3
You don't automatically know your purpose.
God has to tell you or reveal your purpose to you. God's voice will lead you to your purpose.
We need God's voice and Word when we are confused, afraid and discouraged. Isaiah 43:1
We need to hear God's voice to cooperate with God and walk with Him. Amos 3:3

Since God's voice come most times as a still small voice, it helps when we practice 'stillness' and meditation to discern and receive the voice of God.

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor shared this Word.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Prayer And Fruitfulness.

John 15:7-8

It's God's will that we are fruitful.
To be fruitful we have to be productive.
Being fruitful means you are producing.
You have to be productive to be fruitful.
Fruitfulness refers to your results.
Our fruitfulness as God's people is connected to our connection to Jesus Christ.

Prayer helps us stay connected to God.
John 15:5
That connection brings fruitfulness and results.
Fruitfulness is part of God's blessing.
Genesis 1:28
Part of the purpose of prayer is to bring results.
If we don't believe God will answer our prayers we won't pray.
When God gives you what you asked for in prayer you can say that prayer brought results.
John 14:13
So prayer brings fruitfulness.

Prayer brings spiritual, material, moral and even career and financial results.
Daniel was a man given to prayer and purity.
Morally he was fruitful. Daniel 6:4
Materially he was fruitful. Daniel 2:48
Spiritually he was fruitful. Daniel 1:17
His career and finances also had results/fruit. Daniel 5:29

The results or fruitfulness of Daniel's life was linked to his prayer life. Daniel 6:11
Daniel's promotion, Daniel's wisdom, Daniel's deliverance and the skill and favour he enjoyed was all linked to his relationship with God. Daniel 6:4-11

Daniel's relationship with God is the result of a consistent, persistent and regular time with God. Daniel 6:10

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor shared this message.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Be Strong.

Ephesians 6:10

We need strength to survive in this world, which means we have to be strong!
God wants us to be strong in Him.
This means we should be confident in God, trusting always in Him irrespective of what things look like around us. 1 Chronicles 16:11
To be strong is to be like Abraham.
Abraham was a man who hoped against hope when there was no physical reason to hope.
Romans 4:18
That is strength! This is an example of being strong.

Being consistent in prayer, praying in season and out of is a form of strength. Ephesians 6:18
You need to be strong to prevail against the enemy and what the world will throw at you.
The major type of strength you will require is spiritual strength. Ephesians 3:16
The Apostle Paul talks about strength in our inner man.
Strength in the inner man is strength that is spiritual.
It is God given spiritual strength.
It is spiritual strength that's been built up as a result of spiritual growth.

Many things are similar about the physical and spiritual dimensions.
God wants us strong spiritually. As you grow spiritually you develop spiritual strength.
Your physical strength is important and it matters to God and should matter to you. But it's your spiritual strength that will benefit you more. 1 Timothy 4:8
Godliness brings spiritual strength.
Holiness brings spiritual strength.
There is a grace for spiritual strength. 2 Corinthians 12:9

You need spiritual strength to take on the enemy. Mark 3:27
God wants you to be a 'spiritual strong man'.
You should be a 'spiritual strong man' who is depopulating the Kingdom of darkness and taking back what the enemy has stolen.
This doesn't happen without a fight.

Satan is a skilled fighter who has many more experiences in warfare above human beings.
You will need spiritual strength to face him, stand toe to toe with him and defeat him.
You can defeat the enemy.
The greater one lives within you. 1 John 4:4
You need spiritual strength to withstand the storms of life.
Endurance is an aspect of spiritual strength. 2 Timothy 2:3
We win by endurance.

Olutosin, a Teacher-Pastor shared this message.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

See More, Have More.

Genesis 13:15

God had a great inheritance for Abraham but Abraham had to see it first.
God has more for you than what you have right now.
In God there is always more. 2 Kings 6:16

There is more of His anointing, His power, His grace, His faith, His strength,, His dreams and revelations available to His children.
In 2017, there is more for you in God so don't settle for less.
You also have a responsibility to  to do certain things to receive your 'more' from the Lord.
John 2:5

One of the things we need to know and do to receive our 'more' from the Lord is to see better.
Our ability to see better goes a long way.
Sight matters.
What you don't see, you cannot benefit from.

By sight I am not referring purely to physical sight but our vision, our imagination and the eyes of our understanding. Ephesians 1:18
What we see is what we get.
You need to see more to get more.
What you cannot see you may never have.

As God had more for Abraham, He has more for you.
God had more in store for Joseph than his past and present experience of being in Potiphar's house.
God had the palace in mind for Joseph, God had rulership in store for Joseph. Genesis 41:14-40
God has more in store for you and He wants you to see it!
God had more in store for David than being a shepherd boy. 2 Samuel 7:8
God had more in store for Peter, and Andrew than being fisher men. Matthew 4:19

God in His faithfulness helps you to see what He has for you.
It is a spiritual law that you have to see it before you possess it.
God helped Abraham to 'see' by showing Him the stars. Genesis 15:5
God helped Joseph to 'see' by giving him dreams that are prophetic and apply to his destiny.
Genesis 37:2-11
God helped Jacob build his own business by giving him a dream that revealed the strategy to build his own business while he was working with his uncle Laban.

It is not everyone who has eyes that see right.
God is willing to reveal to you what you must know.
God is willing to show you what you need to see.
What you hear you will meditate and imagine upon.
What you hear also matters this is why God speaks to us.

How does God help us see right?
1) By His Word: Gods Word is likened to light. Light helps us see right. Psalm 119:105
God's Word shows us who we are and what we can have.

2) By His Holy Spirit: God's Spirit helps us 'see' spiritually.
John 16:15
Gods Spirit speaks to us, reveals to us, and shows us things!

3) By Dreams and Visions: Dreams and visions are part of the language of the Holy Spirit.
God can give you visions and dreams about who you are and what you can have.
Genesis 46:2
Isaiah 6:1-8
Ezekiel 1:4-14

4) By opening the eyes of our understanding: Ephesians 1:18
God is the one who makes us understand what we need to understand.
When the eyes of our understanding is opened, we 'see' well and know what we need to know.

5) The use of our imagination: Colossians 3:2
Your imagination is from your mind.
Our imaginations are powerful!
The purpose of our imagination is not for thinking up evil pictures in our minds or plotting evil.
Our imagination has been given to us for our good.
Thinking pictures of good and blessing.

Olutosin Ogunkolade shared this message.