Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Mystery Of Visibility

We all struggle with the identity issue sometimes.
We all need some fresh burst of inspiration from time to time.
We all need some form of guidance and insight to location our place in life.
As a christian it is very easy to feel kind of displaced in a world that is constantly pulling and luring us in all thr wrong directions.

It is because of such reasons this book has been written.
'The Mystery Of Visibility', the newest work of Olutosin Ogunkolade is a readers delight and an inspiring volume that readers should always keep close by.

Published through publishers it is available on the website.
You will find it under 'New books'.
Very easy to locate, once you're on the web site, just type in the book title into the search space and purchase a copy!

What you gain by purchasing this book:

  • This book deals with the issue of your identity from a sound spiritual angle.
  • It is a word of inspiration so it promises to inspire you.
  • It shares insights on how to locate your place in life and find your purpose..
  • You discover why you should not be hidden, you are not created for a life of obscurity.
  • You will learn how to identify and know your calling, and the place of your talents, gifts, abilities and potential which brings fulfillment and visibility.
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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Anointed For A Purpose.

1 John 2:27
Isaiah 10:27
Proverbs 4:18

There is something you are anointed for.
There is something you are able to do better than other people who may be doing the same thing.
It is not everything God wants you to do.
It is not every single thing you will succeed at significantly.
But there are somethings you will succeed at significantly because you are graced and anointed by God for those things.

Imagine King David trying by all means to be a physician/doctor?
Imagine Gideon the judge trying to be a writer by all means or Moses the leader prophet trying to be a fisherman by force?
None of them would succeed!

God anoints you for a purpose.
The purpose of the anointing is to help you function in the office and assignment God has given to you.
The anointing helps you succeed.
The anointing is for your success.
The anointing takes you forward in life.
The anointing teaches you what you need to know in life.
The anointing makes life easier for you.
The anointing helps you overcome enemies and problems.
The anointing is your personal mentor.
You can't talk about the anointing and not talk about the Holy Spirit.
The anointing is how the Holy Spirit works through you.
The anointing brings recognition and visibility.
The anointing is an evidence God is with you.
The anointing brings release and freedom.

The working of the Holy Spirit through you is what we call the anointing.
The anointing brings divine direction.
The Holy Spirit in you works and agrees with the blood of Jesus! 1 John 5:8

Olutosin Ogunkolade shared this message.
He Pastors the Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly, a Kingdom minded, Jesus focused, teaching ministry.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Parenting, a great responsibility.

As I woke up in the early hours of this morning I felt a sudden flow of inspiration.
So I got off my bed, reached for my laptop and headed to the sitting room to type out these words before I lose them.
Besides it's been a while I have put up an article on this blog, I have been away for so long from the readers who come to this blog to read the articles on it.
I am so sorry.

As a parent I ponder from time to time about the type of parent I am or that I am becoming.
I feel this is a necessary thing to do for we are either getting better or worse in life, so self appraisals are necessary for every one.
Parenting has more to it than we see or understand from an outward perspective.

A lovely family is easily admired, seeing parents who dote on their children and have great relationships with them is a wonderful thing but what we do not see is the sacrifice that has gone into creating the relationship between those parents and children.
I use the word sacrifice because there is a lot parents do and give up to make things work between them and their children. To succeed at anything in a significant way you will have to sacrifice and parenting is no exception.
It is a huge responsibility!

Anything we don't invest our time in, give attention to, regard or respect will eventually move away from us. Whether it's friends, our pets, our spouses, our children, even God.
Relationships can break down!
It takes wisdom to create the right kind of relationship with people, that includes our children.
I find some parents assume their children will naturally or automatically have cordial relationships with them because they are the parent but it doesn't always work that way.
The getting along of parents and children has to be cultivated and nurtured just like any other relationship.

Perhaps it's the hardwork and sacrifice good parents put into raising their children that makes them expect so much from them sometimes.This is where finding the balance comes in.

We should hope for and expect good things from our children but we might be disappointed to expect too much from them.
They are human after all.
At times, parents raise the bar so high for their children without setting a standard for themselves.
To a large degree our children are a reflection of ourselves.
Though they are different from us and have their own uniqueness, they are a reflection of the values we taught and showed them, the lifestyle they see us live, they words we communicated to them, the home we created for them, and the love we showed them.
They reflect us in many respects.

We shouldn't expect from them what we have not taught them.
A father who is disappointed his son is not a financial success should ask himself if he ever taught his son how to make money.
Which viable businesses did you expose your daughters to?
Which lessons did you share with your son about legitimate business, investing and the world we live in?
Where are our children meant to learn these things from?
Some over protective parents have even hindered their children from going forward by keeping them away from jobs, business attempts and following their ideas all because they don't want their children to get hurt.
Some despiseful parents  break the confidence and self esteem of their children without knowing, only to turn around and accuse the children of not making the most of their lives or opportunities.
Truly, parenting is a balancing act.

Well done to the parents who pay school fees and have made an effort to get their children good education.

However our educational system doesn't teach  young ladies or men what to expect outside the four walls of a school or classroom.
We are taught to add, subtract, multiply, divide, how to write and perhaps speak good English.
We are 'processed' through our schools and institutions of higher learning to follow a certain pattern, be a certain way, think in certain ways and work for someone or some organization for the rest of our lives.

It is the gifted few who have a natural and perhaps innate flair for entrepreneurship and business who break out of the box or convert what they have learn't into some form of enterprise.
Many young people leave school to face the dagger of reality in a tough and ruthless world without having proper mentorship from the parents who unfortunately may not know better themselves.
Some children pass through the educational system abused, scarred, bullied and trampled upon without having the kind of parents they can confide in.

A father who thinks his son is not romantic or doesn't know how to relate with his wife or the opposite sex should ask himself if he ever had any 'man talk' with his son while his son was growing up. More importantly, how was he treating his sons mother and how does that father treat women himself?
It's vice versa with mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters and mothers and sons.
Parenting is no joke!
It requires a combination of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, foresight and in my opinion exposure.
You can't teach your child what you are not exposed to. You can't share what you don't know, and you can't give what you don't have.

Very importantly we owe it to our children to be whole.
If it is not well with us it rubs off on our children in some form or the other.
We should fix ourselves, even if it is for the sake of our children, the generation after us.
If we are not whole, maybe we shouldn't expect it from our children?
Fortunately our wellness and wholeness is part of what God takes care of. Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

What's Marriage Got To Do With It?

What's Marriage Got To Do With It? Is an easy to read volume written by Olutosin Ogunkolade and independently published through

It is a book that's relevant to all people from different walks of life irrespective of their personal life or relationship situation.
Whether you are happily married, unhappy in marriage, single, single and content, single and searching, engaged, divorced, considering divorce or considering getting back with your spouse, there is a word for you in this book.

Now available on, with just a click it can be delivered to you in the comfort of your home.

What's Marriage Got To Do With It? will make a great gift to friends, family, acquaintances and loved ones. You can get as many as you need for good wedding gifts.

It's a work that will come in handy as a useful guide for marriage counselors.
Through this work you can contact the mind of God concerning marriage when used along side your Bible.

It's a useful tool for those who want to self educate themselves on the topic of marriage without spending a fortune on counselors.
Each page of this work is loaded with insights and inspiration.
It promises to be a gift that keeps on giving.

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For the audio version of the book:

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@ 5-15 Beaumont Road, Off Prince Regent Road, Plaistow, London E13 8RJ

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sunday, 31 January 2016


John 10:10, Isaiah 60:5,6,7
 2 Corinthians 4:4

One of the great lies of Satan to the world, especially to followers of God is to make us believe that our quality of life here on earth doesn't matter, that all God cares about  is where we go after leaving this earth. John 8:44
When we begin to study the scriptures we'll discover that God is a God who cares, He cares about you making it when Jesus comes back for His people,He also cares about your quality of life here on earth. 1 Peter 5:7
Not only does He care about your situation right now, He has gone a step further to make arrangements for you to have His best. 2 Peter 1:3

The abundant life is not refering to only material things but a quality of life,
Eternal life comes withan abundance of good health, an abundance of God's nature, an abundance of peace, an abundance of strength, an abundance of joy.
So eternal life is a great gift God packaged together for His children. Romans 6:23

So why doesn't the abundance God packaged for His people always show in their lives?
1) Our souls may not have grasped or understood what eternal life offers us. Romans 12:2
2) Wrong mental programing over the years. Proverbs 4:23
3) Lack of belief: we can be hindered from God's blessings and miracles because of unbelief and doubt. Mark 6:5,6
4) Satanic activity that's hindering what is ours. 1Thessalonians 2:18 (Resisting Satan is the answer. James 4:7)

Prayer Points:
1) Let everything that comes with eternal life appear in my life. John 3:16
2) O Lord,Help me to believe the right things.John 11:25
3) Dear God, Destroy every Satanic activity against me. Matthew 8:23-27
4) Father, give me the grace to always resist Satan. James 4:7
5) O God, remove every mental blockage to my breakthrough. Luke 6:45
6) Lord Jesus, I cast my cares upon the you. 1 Peter 5:7
7) Father, Give me a record breaking breaktrough. Luke 5:4-7
8) Lord, multiply the result of my efforts. Matthew 14:13-21

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor in The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly shared this message.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


It's been a while I put up a thorough written article like I used to do on this blog, The Dreamer's Blog.
I miss doing so,and I appreciate those who check on my blog from time to time.
I've been really busy with work, family and ministry.
The church blog,as you can see from the information on the picture above ( has been busy and I have been working more on that blog a lot.

I'm looking to publishing a new book this year. I will create time for it, as busy as I can be

Happy New Year to you.
2016 is the Year Of Rising Stars.
May your star rise and shine this year
God bless you!

In His Highest Grace,
Olutosin Ogunkolade