Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Sunday, 31 January 2016


John 10:10, Isaiah 60:5,6,7
 2 Corinthians 4:4

One of the great lies of Satan to the world, especially to followers of God is to make us believe that our quality of life here on earth doesn't matter, that all God cares about  is where we go after leaving this earth. John 8:44
When we begin to study the scriptures we'll discover that God is a God who cares, He cares about you making it when Jesus comes back for His people,He also cares about your quality of life here on earth. 1 Peter 5:7
Not only does He care about your situation right now, He has gone a step further to make arrangements for you to have His best. 2 Peter 1:3

The abundant life is not refering to only material things but a quality of life,
Eternal life comes withan abundance of good health, an abundance of God's nature, an abundance of peace, an abundance of strength, an abundance of joy.
So eternal life is a great gift God packaged together for His children. Romans 6:23

So why doesn't the abundance God packaged for His people always show in their lives?
1) Our souls may not have grasped or understood what eternal life offers us. Romans 12:2
2) Wrong mental programing over the years. Proverbs 4:23
3) Lack of belief: we can be hindered from God's blessings and miracles because of unbelief and doubt. Mark 6:5,6
4) Satanic activity that's hindering what is ours. 1Thessalonians 2:18 (Resisting Satan is the answer. James 4:7)

Prayer Points:
1) Let everything that comes with eternal life appear in my life. John 3:16
2) O Lord,Help me to believe the right things.John 11:25
3) Dear God, Destroy every Satanic activity against me. Matthew 8:23-27
4) Father, give me the grace to always resist Satan. James 4:7
5) O God, remove every mental blockage to my breakthrough. Luke 6:45
6) Lord Jesus, I cast my cares upon the you. 1 Peter 5:7
7) Father, Give me a record breaking breaktrough. Luke 5:4-7
8) Lord, multiply the result of my efforts. Matthew 14:13-21

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor in The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly shared this message.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


It's been a while I put up a thorough written article like I used to do on this blog, The Dreamer's Blog.
I miss doing so,and I appreciate those who check on my blog from time to time.
I've been really busy with work, family and ministry.
The church blog,as you can see from the information on the picture above ( has been busy and I have been working more on that blog a lot.

I'm looking to publishing a new book this year. I will create time for it, as busy as I can be

Happy New Year to you.
2016 is the Year Of Rising Stars.
May your star rise and shine this year
God bless you!

In His Highest Grace,
Olutosin Ogunkolade

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Overcoming Fear Through Prayer

Psalm 23:4
2 Timothy 1:7

Fear is a state that is familiar to human beings.
Fear crept into the life of humanity after and because of the first sin that took place through Adam and Eve. Genesis 3:18
Fear is not from God, so it's a stranger.

As common as fear has become to the human race, we must not make the mistake of accepting it as natural.
Fear was never part of God's package for human beings, it became part of our lives as a result of the wrong choice of Adam and Eve to disobey God.
Fear is a stranger that has stayed with all of us for to long and should leave.
Fear should be seen as a stranger and foreigner to us all, because "in the beginning it was not so" Psalm 18:45

Fear is a foreigner that should leave your life because of God's hand and power upon your life.
Fear departs when God's hand or presence is upon you.
Prayer is what brings the hand of God upon a person.
1 Kings 18:42-46
Acts 4:27-29
Fear is a spirit

When we pray well, the hand of God comes upon us and negative spirits like fear depart.
Fear is a spirit, the Bible recognizes it as a spirit. 2 Timothy 1:7

Characteristics of fear:
1) Limits and hinders people.
2) It is a kind of spiritual prison.
3) It blocks potential and abilities.
4) It brings physical and spiritual backwardness.

How to overcome fear:
1) Be saved. Romans 8:15
2) Build your self esteem and confidence through God's Word. 1 Peter 2:2
3) Recognize fear as a spirit and attack it by prayer. Ephesians 6:12

Prayer Points:
1) Give me the consciousness of Your presence with me. Psalm 23:4
2) Teach me to use my rod and staff against the spirit of fear. Psalm 23:4
3) Let me know you as my light, salvation and stronghold. Psalm 27:1
4) By your presence, let me overcome the fear of man. Psalm 118:6
5) Give me strength and courage. Deuteronomy 31:6
6) Let your trust replace fear in my life. Psalm 56:3,4
7) Take a hold of man hand and help me. Isaiah 41:13
8) Let me be perfected by your love O'God. 1 John 4:18

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor shared this message.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Recently I was in High Barnet London trying to locate a venue which happens to be a cinema where a service was going on. Since it's a part of London  I'm not very familiar with I decided to ask for directions from a young lady I just met on the tube as I journied towards High Barnet from Holborn in Central London that morning.
She is a young sixteen year old lady. Sitted beside me as she told me about some of her issues and challenges, and I in turn tried to encourage and direct her to the best of my ability. I felt sorry for her, she could be my biological sister.
As we talked, I also in turn asked if she was familiar with the venue I was trying to get to.
She assured me she did and seemed so confident about it.
We both alighted from the tube and I allowed her to lead me, since she said this was her area, and she hangs out in a pub regularly with mates in this location. I was in a hurry and just wanted to get to my destination as fast as possible.
We walked for a good fifteen minutes together and when it seemed my destination was not in sight I politely asked if she knew where I was headed to. She sounded so convincing, so I decided to trust her judgement. She later stopped at a nearby bus stop to take a bus because she was running late to work. She insisted I should walk further on, not turning to the right or left and even gesturing with her hand to direct me.
I walked on, all the way to the stop of the street she directed me to, only to find out that the cinema, the venue I was in search of was not there!
I turned around, a bit upset and started walking back in the direction I had just walked from when I came across a friendly looking police man who then directed me appropriately.
Just to be sure, this time around I brought out my smart phone, and typed in the post code of my destination which confirmed the directions the police man gave me was right.
How silly I felt listening to that young lady who misguided me when I had a map, a navigator, a compass with me all along!
I didn't need to rely on anyone, I didn't need to be misdirected and I didn't have to 'suffer' unnecessarily. I had the 'tool' I needed to make my journey straight forward but I didn't use it.
I decided to trust a stranger just because of what they said and the confidence they seemed to have!

Many people make similar mistakes to the one I made but on a greater and worse scale.
It's a mistake many people make on their journey of life.
Just like I had a e-map as a feature in my phone that's connected to a satellite through the kind of software in it, everyone has access to the map of life that shows us how to live, and should be our major means of knowing when we are on track or not. This map is the Word of God, the Bible which is connected to His Spirit.
The believer, the follower of Jesus also has the added privilege of being a carrier of His Spirit who acts our internal guide and internal compass.
Despite this exclusive privilege to the faithful, many still chose to base their lives, their views, their principles, motivations, ideologies and their choices on what men have told them without digging into the scriptures for truth and confirmation. 1 John 2:27
It is always wisdom to re-check and be sure we are on the right track! That's the mistake I made in the story I shared at the start of this article.
It's amazing how many people have been wrongly misled and advised because they listened to the voice of men without checking for divine truth. There are many people who have been directed unto the wrong path for their lives because they listened to a pastor, a prophet, a teacher, a life coach, a motivational speaker, an evangelist or apostle just because they didn't cross check the direction they were given and because they were swayed by the confidence, the results, and the respect they had for who guided them.
Your life is like no others.
Your direction, your instruction and your place is unique. You will only get it right when you stay and stick with the Book!
The Spirit and the Book are one  they don't contradict one another.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Walking In A God Inspired Dream

Genesis 37:5-7, Numbers 13:29-33, Genesis 13:14-16, Genesis 15:1

Your dreams are important to God.
I'm not necessarily referring to the dreams we have when asleep.
By dreams I'm referring to your life's picture of what you want to achieve.
I'm referring to your vision, your aim and the mental picture of what you want to be, what you want to attain, what you want to do with yourself.

God desires that His children have dreams.
God is the giver of dreams. Acts 2:17

In fact the Bible is a book of dreams! It's a spiritual manual full of the dreams of God towards humanity. The Bible reveals the wish, the aim, the desire, the intentions and the plan of God for all human beings.
God's dream for you is linked to your life's assignment or purpose for your life. God's dream preceeds the manifestation of your purpose.
When you fulfill your life's assignment you are fitting properly into God's big dream puzzle. Eg. Jeremiah 1
Good dreams come from God. James 1:17
Bad dreams come from the enemy. From Satan.
Joel 2:28 shows us good dreams come from the Spirit of God.
Prophecy, God given night dreams, and visions are all linked.

Your dreams are your life's aim.
Your vision is your visual perspective of your dream
Prophecy is the spoken or written word about your dream, God's dream and what you need to know for the journey.

The purpose of a bad dream, a bad vision or a satanic prophecy is to derail people from God's path unto a wrong path.
It is possible to fulfill a bad prophecy. Eg. Judas Iscariot.
There are good and bad prophecies in the Word of God. Judas Iscariot, Absalom and King Herod (during the birth of Jesus) are examples of people who fulfilled bad prophecy.
People who fulfill bad prophecy do not necessarily do so knowingly. The devil can high jack people.
It's possible for the devil to high jack a person without that person even knowing.
It's the loop holes in our lives the enemy takes advantage of to make us fulfill his dreams and fulfill negative prophecy.
If Judas Iscariot didn't have a weakness for money, if he wasn't a thief, the devil would not have hijacked him to fulfill a negative prophecy.
When we work on ourselves, we become equipped to be used of God to fulfill good Biblical prophecies. Philippians 2:12, John 14:30
The promises of God play a role in the fulfillment of God's dream for our lives.
The promises of God from the scriptures, when fulfilled or activated in our life beautifies our life and aligns our life with God's dream and purposes.

Let's keep praying, confessing and declaring God's promises over our life, family, situation,circumstances and nation.

How do we know our dream or Vision Is From God?
1) It will not go against the scriptures. 2 Timothy 3:16-17
2) You will need the help of God to fulfill it. Isaiah 45:1
3) It will not be a small dream. (Because it will bless people) Genesis 1:28
4) You will not need to compromise your faith. Genesis 16:1-6
5) There will be a need for your dream. Genesis 50:20

How do we receive a dream from God or a vision from God?
1) It will come either by inspiration, the Word of God, a still small voice or an audible voice of the Holy Spirit. Job 32:8, Jeremiah 1:14, 1 Kings 19:11-13

2) It will come either by a dream of the night or a vision of the day (trance).
Daniel 2:9, Zechariah 1:8, Daniel 4:5, Daniel 2:28, Ezekiel 11:24-25, Genesis 15:1, Exodus 3:2-3

3)You can pick a dream you have peace on the inside for, from the Bible
-Do you feel a peace on the inside about a God given dream? Psalm 23:2, John 14:27, John 16:33, Proverbs 16:7, Isaiah 26:3

4) Be saved- salvation qualifies you to receive dream seeds from God!
Joel 2:32,  Acts 9:15-16, Dreams and visions are the language of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit works with those who are saved.

5)Ask God to give you His dream for your life.
Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 25:14

Olutosin Ogunkolade a Teacher Pastor taught from London UK.