Thursday, 9 October 2014

The genius in you!

You are a genius.
Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant, neither do I care if you don't believe the statement I just typed.
I know its true and that's what matters to me.
I know you are a genius because God created you. God doesn't create junk.
Man (the human race) is the best and most priced of his creation.
If you are from the human race, then you are valuable, valuable because a high price has been placed upon you by God to the point of God coming to earth in human form and shedding holy blood for your redemption.
Within you are gifts, talents and abilities that you may not have even scratched the surface of or realized. How many people discover what they carry anyway? Some people discover some of the things within them but they despise their idea, gift or talent. You must not make that mistake!
If Bill Gates had ignored is idea, there wouldn't be microsoft today, if Steve Jobs ignored his talent there wouldn't exist the apple coorporation today and the many products they have invented which have been a blessing to humanity.
If James Dyson had made light of his ability, we wouldn't have the beautiful and innovative Dyson products that have been a blessing to humanity.
I wonder what is in you?
What are your gifts, talents,abilities and ideas?
You have something, it will set you apart.
You have something, you must use it!
You have something in you that can bless the world. Don't go to the grave with the blessings you are meant to bless humanity with. Make sure you die 'empty'.
You are God's highest creation, you are a masterpiece, thats why I said you are a genius. Geniuses are created by a genuies. God is the genius. You are His creation. He wouldn't create anything less because you are His image and likeness if you are in Christ Jesus!
Ask God to show you what you have.
Ask God to show you what you have in your hand.
Carry out a genuine self appraisal on yourself!
What you have may look insignificant to you, but it may be everything to someone else. It may be everything to the world.
Moses, in the book of Exodus in the Bible had a shepherds rod in his hand. He didn't see it as a spectacular or special rod, afterall he had been 'shepherding' the flocks of Jethro his father in-law for many years. Yet it was the tool in the hands of Moses that God would use to deliver a nation and make history!
What are you ignoring around you, what are you disdaining about yourself or your gifts?
David the shepherd boy would not have come to national prominence if he had not defeated Goliath. But the question is, what did he defeat Goliath with? A sling and a stone! He defeated Goliath with that which looked simple but was in his hand!
What will bring you success and victory is not far from you. It's around you, its a potential, its in your hand, and it is enough. It could be a skill, an ability or an effort. It could be your prayer that will make the difference, it could be your God given wisdom, your money or your oratory gift, even your hand writing. All I know is that you have something, you are a genius, it will set you apart!
Peace be!