Monday, 14 February 2011


Valentine's day just ended hours ago. I think the idea of celebrating valentine is a good idea, I think so because I am a believer in love. If we celebrate other types of festivities by singling out a day in the year to celebrate, why not single out a day to celebrate love? A day to celebrate love, I commend this.
What is wrong however is when the show of love and affection is limited to only one day, love should be a lifestyle, a way of life towards all men. There are few who truly know how to love their fellow man. The type of love I'm refering to is not the erotic or physical kind of  love between a man and a woman who are married or  find each other attractive.
 I'm talking about a love that emanates from the spirit, a love that's pure, has no hidden agenda and thats motivated to benefit our fellow man. This is the kind of love that changes the world and and individuals, this is the kind of love that brings a revolution, this love is based on caring for others. It's time to imbibe love into our culture and tradition. IT'S TIME TO CREATE A CULTURE THAT CARES.
 When we join  our hands and hearts together we can achieve this. We can create a culture that cares, we will get there.