Monday, 17 October 2011


Man can inhabit God, and God can inhabit man, what a mystery!
God in me, and I in God. It's a winning team!
God is not some distant, ethereal personality who looks out for our faults from heaven, keeping an eye on us for mistakes. No. Many people have a wrong concept of who God is and His intentions.
Man (humanity) is not a weak beggarly creation that's at the mercy of some unknown fate, an uncaring god or the elements. Unfortunately, many don't know who they are. Man (humanity) is the King/Queen of the earth, created for dominion, success, fruitfulness and blessing. Man is a co-creator with God upon the earth, man is a vice regent of the earth, created to think the thoughts of God! Yes, you can think the thoughts of God! For you are created in His image and His likeness! As you think His thoughts, you take His steps and speak His words. This is what it means to walk in the Spirit. Thinking the thoughts of God and speaking the Words of God. Our thoughts matter for thoughts are Spirit! Everything started with a thought. From the clothes you wear, to the shoes on your feet, to the chair you sit on , the airplane we fly in and the tv and dvd players we use. The started as thoughts, and after some due process they became tangible objects. It is thoughts that become things!
You need to keep the right thoughts in your mind. Virtues and vices start from the thought realm. Think virtuous thoughts and you will become virtuous, think negatively and vices will appear in your life. Thoughts preced actions, actions produce things.
God's plan, is that the crown of His creation (humanity) will think His thoughts, speak His Words and take His steps. When there is a syncronisation between our thoughts and His thoughts, then we are in the Spirit. All men are created to have the mind of Christ! We are created to affect every field of human endeavour with the mind of Christ which is the mind of God. From the sciences to the arts, from education to spirituality, from our social lives to our thought life, from our jobs to our families, from inventions to innovations, from our conduct to our personality.
His thoughts and His Words are found in and inspired by the Bible.
It's time to think His thoughts!