Monday, 22 June 2015


The movie Star Wars is one of those all time greats among films.
It's a movie so well accepted, as well as it's sequels, they did so well. The original Star Wars movies were way ahead of their time when they were released and they have stood the test of time,for me they are still a delight to watch. The visual effects and sound effects for the time it was released is groundbreaking.
The animated tv series which began to show in more recent years have also been so successful. Star Wars has not only stood the test of time but proves to be truly entertaining. It's a good and creative mix of action, fantasy, technology and the power of the human imagination.
George Lucas, the creative mind and founder of the Star Wars films must be one fulfilled man right now. His success story is evidence to us that hard work, and the use of our imagination creatively to create stories or products can be fulfilling.
The ability to put concepts and ideas together is given by God. Good ideas come from God. The Bible says "I wisdom, dwell with prudence and I give knowledge of witty inventions"
In my estimation, the Star Wars films have a spiritual side to it.
I don't know if George Lucas shares my christian faith or not but what I do know is that he has Jewish roots.
For those with very spiritual minds such as I have, you will be a able to draw spiritual parallels from things around you particularly the films you watch.
"The force is with you" is one of the words Luke Skywalker the protagonist and Jedi hero of the Star Wars films hears from his mentor say to him. His mentor is the wise and noble Obi Wan Kanobi a Jedi who died and went on to become part of the 'force'. Obi Wan Kanobi after his departure would assure Luke now and again that the force is with him. This in itself has a spiritual side.
In Star Wars, Jedi's are a select and special breed of people.
They are men who have 'the force' with them. 'The force be with you' becomes something of a farewell or parting words Jedi's say to one another. It is because of the force, they have abilities beyond that of an ordinary human being.
In the Bible when a saint dies we are informed that the child of God goes to paradise which we commonly call heaven. That saint becomes part of the cloud of witnesses who joins all the prophets and heroes of faith we read about in the Bible, they become part of the cloud of witnesses encouraging and cheering on the saints of God down here on earth. In Star Wars, Jedi's die and become part of the 'force' the good side or light, encouraging other Jedi's on, especially Luke Skywalker who is the chosen Jedi assigned to bring balance to 'the order'.
I wouldn't be surprised if the inspiration to Luke Skywalker comes from Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the chosen one prophesied about thousands of years by the prophets. He is God's chosen one that brings order to our spiritual lives and gives us the victory. Jesus brought the balance, he brought hope. The same way Luke Skywalker brings hope and balance to the Jedi side.
In Star Wars Jedi's are a select group of people who don't live anyhow, they are well trained, they are individually and uniquely gifted and have some rules they live by. When a Jedi consistently and continuously breaks rules, it's easy for the dark side to creep in and take over that Jei's life. A few Jedi's were won over by the dark side this way, like Luke Skywalker's father Anakin Skywalker who later served the dark Lord.
In the spirit realm we also have a dark lord the devil, the enemy of our souls. He is the tempter and accuser of the brethren, like the dark lord in Star Wars he is wily, clever, manipulative and seeks to bring down the saints of God. I liken Jedi's to the saints of God (true christians or believers). Just like Jedi's are a disciplined and special breed of people, God's children "are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood a holy nation, and a peculiar people".
As we have the dark side in the Star Wars films seeking to take control of the galaxy, so we have the kingdom of darkness seeking to take control of God's creation and the mind of man.
Christians have a saviour, a hero, our Lord Jesus Christ. Jedi's have a hero, a chosen one, Luke Skywalker.
Jedi's have the force that is with them, that guides them, helps them and gives them powers. Christians also have the Holy Spirit who empowers, strengthens, and gives spiritual gifts to the sons/daughters of God. Interestingly, the Holy Spirit can move and operate like a force, though He is more than a force, He is a personality.
Jedi's live a disciplined life. Christians have been called to live a disciplined and godly life, shunning the sins and old ways that held us bound. Like the Apostle Paul we must "discipline ourselves like an athlete lest after we have preached to others we should be cast aways"
It is insightful to share that angels are likened to stars and Satan was a former angel who was cast out of God's presence by angel Michael and his team of warrior angels. So truly there was a Star Wars. It really happened and it still happens. In Daniel 10 we see that angel Gabriel was held captive by a type of fallen angel called the prince of Persia until God sent angel Michael to fight with the Prince of Persia to secure angel Gabriel's release. This is star wars.
The Jedi's are the hope of the galaxy just the same way christians are the hope of God's creation and bring the needed balance so that satan doesn't wreck havoc on God's creation. We have Christ in us the hope of glory. Like Jedi's we bring hope because of Christ in us.
Other creatures were always happy in the film when Jedi's show up to help them fight the darkside. In the same manner "the whole creation is groaning waiting earnestly for the manifestation of the sons of God". We rejoice when we come across sons and daughters of God who have attained some maturity and are truly walking in their spiritual gifts and powers in Christ Jesus to help us.
Jedi's fight the dark side. Christians also fight the Kingdom of darkness."for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of this world, spiritual forces in the heavenly realms"
Young Jedi's in Star Wars the film have centres where they are trained from childhood in the special ways of the force. Christians in scripture are also encouraged to "train their children in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it". The christian home is a centre where godly lifestyles should be upheld and cultivated for our children's training.
Master Jedi's train junior ones who are aspiring to be Jedi's the way. The church is one of the places where christians are trained in the things of the Spirit, where spiritual gifts are harnessed and developed, and Spirit knowledge is shared and taught according to scriptures.
Jedi's are trained, christians are trained.
Jedi's have mentors and teachers who trained them. Christians also have Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and evangelists who are gifts to the church and help us grow in spiritual maturity and edify us.
The spiritual parallels go on.
May God bless, and inspire our understanding.