Thursday, 17 March 2011

An Excerpt from My forthcoming book!

It was a dispensation in that part of eternity set apart for the use of man that savage forces had been deployed from that dark realm beyond human reach. Their target was the great continent .
For too long the great continent had been bound, dishonoured and oppressed. It is that great land of many countries from that angle where the sun rises called Africa.
The discerning, those that 'see', and star gazers could sense an unusual happening in the skies above them and a feeling of euphoria on the earth on which they stand. A great portal had opened in heaven which signifies the birth of one which was to be great in the earth, one who was to be a hero and a deliverer to his people for in every generation it was the purpose of the Divine also know as Three to raise deliverers to the oppressed nations.
As the forces that take on flesh from the dark realm- known as horns, nephilim and apollyon continued to criss cross the great continent they were oblivious to the plan of the Divine known as Three to deliver the great continent. Only those washed in royal blood called the sons of the covenant are immune from their works. The dark realm never know what Three is doing.
In the western part of African, on that great land where the Niger and River Benue rivers flow and meet together forming a confluence Olaniyi Benjamin choosen by Three to be washed in royal blood was to be born.