Friday, 2 November 2012


The concept of faith is one that's pertinent to all men, for we all have a faith (s spiritual belief) or faith in something.
  We can have faith in people, a business, a job, a nation, an economy or a business. We can put our faith in God or satan, the light or darkness, truth or falseness, logic or evidence beyond that which is seen. I'm a christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, my faith is in God, the creator of heaven and earth. God is interested in the our faith, and His Word, the Holy Bible touches on the topic of faith quiet extensively. I accept the Bible for what it says and I believe it is the Word of God Himself.
  Many claim to have faith but don't even know what faith is. There is a missing link to what many see faith as, it's not possible to have faith without seeing something. You have to see to have faith, for faith has to be founded upon something. It's meant to be based on what you see.
 Faith is not mental assent, it is not blind belief and it is not believing itself. Faith is an action!
 Faith is the action of belief.
 It's not always enough to believe, but its commendable to act on what you believe. Faith is the action of believe!
 For you to have true faith you have to 'see' something and you have to believe something. The question is, what do you see and what do you believe?
 By seeing, I mean you have to have a mental picture, you must be able to imagine and visualize what you want to achieve for "faith is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen" What you hope for is not something that you see with your physical eyes, it's  seen with your spiritual eyes, it's seen with you 'heart', it's evidence is known only by you which is your visualization, your mental picture, it's what you hold up as a dominant imagination. Your ability to imagine  was  given  to  you  by  you  creator  for  a  reason. It's  part  of  your  inner  picture  which  your  faith  is based on, faith is not blind by any means.
Where  do we get the right mental picture from  to help our faith, or make our faith clearer?
We  get  it  from God's Word  the Bible. "for faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God"
What we hear matters. What  we  hear  can  become  the  source of our  faith  for  faith  starts  from what  we  hear. When we hear words that are Biblically based our faith grows. As we listen to such words, understanding comes to us, understanding words we hear creates a mental picture in our mind. We read the Bible to get pictures, pictures that should become our dream. Read God's Word until you see what you can have in it, listen to Words from the Bible until understanding comes, which means your mental picture has been ignited. When you see yourself in the light of God's Word, then you can say your faith has started. When you act on making those pictures a reality, then you can say you're in faith.
Imaginations and visualizations are the missing link in what many profess  as having faith.