Friday, 22 March 2013


Confidence is a necessity if we are going to get ahead in life. Confidence has amazing benefits, and it bestows great rewards wherever it's applied in every field of life.
Confidence is a warfare tactic! All military generals, officials and warfare strategists are men of confidence. From Hannibal, Alexander the Great, Sun Tzu, King Cyrus of Persia, King David of Israel or the Biblical Gideon who was a great warrior, confidence reflects in all their exploits.
It is a fact that in warfare the confident side is the winning side, while the desperate side is the losing side. History has shown that desperation is probably evidence that an individual has lost his hold and is no longer in control. It's the man thats in control that wins in the race of life.
Confidence is also important when it comes to spiritual matters. There is a spiritual battle in life, the man who prevails in life is the one who has tackled the issues of life from the spirit realm. My basis for confidence is knowledge of God's Word.
The last American presidential campaign is a good example of the difference between the confident man and the desperate one.
On the last day of Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama's campaign, Obama who is a more confident individual in my opinion, knowing he had done everything he knew he was supposed to do and trusting that it will yield the desired result relaxed and went off to play basket ball with some mates while Mitt Romney who was the desperate individual and perhaps less confident of his effort continued campaigning into the late hours of the evening of the last day and he still lost the election! One was playing basketball while the other was campaigning yet the one playing basket ball in the last day won the election while the working desperate one lost the election.
Confidence mixed with strategy and hard work leads to outstanding success This is where knowledge comes in, confidence is founded on knowledge, knowledge is our basis for confidence. You will be more confident in any field of life you are knowledgeable about.
To succeed significantly in the year 2013 and beyond, go for knowledge in the areas where you want to see success.