Saturday, 28 February 2015


An inspiration struck my heart this morning!
This inspiration led to the writing of this article. It must be God communicating with me in the usual style He does. Though I was tired from working overnight and just wanted to rest, home alone because my beautiful wife and lovely son are out at the moment, I didnt feel comfortable because I knew I have an assignment to put this inspiration down as a typed out article so that I don't loose it.
I feel strengthened already as I type this out.
I understand the urgency of  'the message' and the need for many of God's own to understand what I am writing.
The message/inspiration is short and simple- THINK BIG!
Too many people think to small. We think to small because we do not know who we are, we do not know our identity.
Don't take yourself for granted. You are a walking, living miracle created in God's image and likeness! You are talented, gifted, and knowledgeable in more ways than one.
The important question is, what are you doing with all the talent(s), gifts, abilities and knowledge in your possession?
Your ability to 'connect the dots', your ability to innovate, which is combining your gifts, talents, opportunities, knowledge, experience, education or whatever you've got to make something new and needed is a key to your success. Innovation is creativity and creativity is making something with what you have tobring about what is needed. Creativity is success
Many people don't innovate because they do not think big enough. They do not think big enough because they do not know who they are which is evidence of a low self esteem.
The challenge to you today is to think big!
If you are going to make your mark in the world you have to think big.
To make the most of life you have to think big.
To take territories for God you have to think big.
To be all God has created you to be, you have to think big.
I am not the biggest fan of Donald Trump but I like something he once said, I even used it as a quote in one of my books GREAT WORDS FOR GREAT LIVING. He said "you have to think anyway, so why not think big"
Thinking is something we will always have to do, so we might as well think big! Let's not make time for small thinking, though starting small is a requirement at times to growing big. Most things start small, from companies, to ministries, new born human being to animals, we all started small, as seeds, unfertilized sperm, babies, kittens, puppies, caterpillars, etc
We grew to the size are are today.
Everything is designed to grow to some degree. There is an invisible law on everything shouting 'growth'
You can grow in resourcefulness,wisdom, grace, ability, generousity, physical size, accomplishments, spiritually, financially and even in your skills.
You can grow in the art of thinking.
Let your small thinking evolve into big thinking today.
Many of us work hard, put most times its for other people (employers).
We spend a good part of our lives getting an education, only to devote and spend most of our adult life to someone else's dream, organization or to enrich the pocket of our employers. This is not bad in itself but is this God's best for us? Could it be that God has something better for you, could it be that there is a better way to live and to be?
There is a better way to do everything. Find it!
The definition of a successful career to many is to get a good certificate(s) or degree(s) and get a good job, hopefully with a very established organization like Exxon Mobil, Shell, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Ebay,Samsung, architectural firms, established hospitals etc
This is not bad in itself.
But someone started facebook, someone started Shell, Exxon Mobil, Apple, Microsoft, Ebay, Samsung and every established organization on the face of the earth. They are human beings like you and I.
Many people want to work in Shell, Mobil, and many of the oil companies of the world today. Did you know someone started that company? Have you considered starting yours?
Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobil are parts of John D. Rockfellar's Standard Oil which was one big gigantic oil organisation before the government of his day broke standard oil into several fragments. John D. Rockfellar became even richer after standard oil was fractionized to reduce his financial wealth!
 Some of them the world's established entrepreneurs are not as educated as you are. Some of them didn't have better opportunities than you have, but a few things has made the difference between them and the everyday person, and one of those few things is the ability to think big.
Let your imagination begin to soar unto big and great things like an eagle.
From Donald Trump, to Bill Gates, to Mark Zuckerberg, to Aliko Dangote, to Mike Adenuga, to Warren Buffet, to M.K.O Abiola, to Barack Obama, the quality of thinking big is the quality they all have in common.
Why don't you work on that idea, that product, that company, that book you have talked about for so long?
How big are you thinking?
Make the world your oyster, the earth can be yours for the taking. You are the son/daughter of a King!
I will give you the earth as an inheritance, the ends of the world as a possession Psalm 2 verse 8
Begin to think big.