Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Mystery Of Visibility

We all struggle with the identity issue sometimes.
We all need some fresh burst of inspiration from time to time.
We all need some form of guidance and insight to location our place in life.
As a christian it is very easy to feel kind of displaced in a world that is constantly pulling and luring us in all thr wrong directions.

It is because of such reasons this book has been written.
'The Mystery Of Visibility', the newest work of Olutosin Ogunkolade is a readers delight and an inspiring volume that readers should always keep close by.

Published through publishers it is available on the website.
You will find it under 'New books'.
Very easy to locate, once you're on the web site, just type in the book title into the search space and purchase a copy!

What you gain by purchasing this book:

  • This book deals with the issue of your identity from a sound spiritual angle.
  • It is a word of inspiration so it promises to inspire you.
  • It shares insights on how to locate your place in life and find your purpose..
  • You discover why you should not be hidden, you are not created for a life of obscurity.
  • You will learn how to identify and know your calling, and the place of your talents, gifts, abilities and potential which brings fulfillment and visibility.
Get your copies today!

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