Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Life is very interesting.
Life has a pattern. You have life. There is some life in you.That's why you are  able to read this article.
Because life has a pattern and you are part of this life, there is a pattern to you.
Understanding the pattern to your life which is determined by the state of your soul is vital to you remaining who you should be and all you should be.
Life is designed to reward you, because God is a loving God who determines that His children should have the best. But God operates by laws and principles though God is not limited to laws and principles. So your rewards in life is tied to your ability to follow His principles and laws.
Those laws and principles are what takes you to the top in your field of life.
Life is designed to reward those at the top.
To get to the top, you have to attain mastery. Attain mastery in something, in something you are mean't to do.
The state of your soul determines the level of your ability to attain mastery.
What is the state of your soul and do you understand it?
Understand your soul has a voice, uncover it.
Your ability to uncover your soul can make you millions of dollars.
Inside your soul are products waiting to come into manifestation. As you stay faithful to to the design of your soul and work at your ideas, dreams and visions to ring them into reality money and reward will gravitate towards you.
You have your blue print given to you by God.
It's you and it's unique to you. Master your own personal uniqueness. For life rewards originality.