Friday, 25 July 2014

Introducing, The Platform BookStore and Devices.

The Platform BookStore and Devices is an online platform designed with the self published author in mind.
The self published author is a lone warrior. The self published author works hard, labouring to break through in a competitive world.
But we all need help at times.
Many self published authors publish their works and find out it is only 50% of the job done if they are going to see success.
Then they try marketing services of all sorts hoping it works and they breakthrough.
At times it works and at times it doesn't. Marketing a book doesn't necessarily translate to sales. It is the sales of your book that matters.
That's why we have packaged something together for you who wants your book sales rising.
We know how you feel and the frustrations many self published authors experience.
We feel you.
We have a Platform that can help, its called The Platform bookstore and devices.


You will be glad you did business with us.
You will be glad you signed up to our 1 year service.
This is where the revolution begins for the self published author!