Monday, 10 April 2017

Hearing God.

Matthew 13:16

People have different views about hearing God.
Some believe God exists but doesn't speak to anyone.
Some believe God speaks to only a select few, those He chooses to speak to.
Some believe God doesn't exist and therefore there's no point trying to hear a God who is not real.
And some believe like I do that God is a speaking God and He talks to people.

Irrespective of the different views out there, what the Holy scriptures inform is what is the truth.
The voice of God is meant to be heard by His sons and daughters. John 10:3-4.
The voice of God is one of the greatest asset of a believer.
God's voice directs, helps, inspires, brings confidence and helps to prevent mistake. John10:5

Hearing God's voice can protect and preserve your life.
Hearing God's voice can change your life forever.
Isaiah 9:8
God is a speaking God.
He is a Father who communicates with His children.
There will be days and times God speaks audibly.
There will be other times He communicates with us in ways we can understand.
God's voice can come to you audibly and also in a still small voice.

The scriptures teach us some things about the voice of God:
1) God's voice can come to you when you seek His guidance. 1 Samuel 30:8
2) God's voice will come to you when God sees you're ready to obey. John15:14,15
3) God's voice is not often loud. 1 Kings 19:11-13
4) God's voice can come to help you or declare judgement. Revelation 1:16
5) God's voice is powerful. Psalm 68:33
6) God's voice will come to the spiritually mature. Luke 1:80
7) God's voice will be heard by the humble. James 4:6

The voice of God is important
Our spiritual ears must be opened to hear.
Having physical ears doesn't mean you hear God's voice.
Having physical ears doesn't mean your spiritual ears are opened. Mark 8:18
When our spiritual ears are opened we will hear God's voice when He speaks to us.
We should aim for spiritual maturity, as we mature in God and get to know Him better through the process of a renewed mind we will become more sensitive to God and our spiritual ears become opened to hear God. Romans 12:2

We need to hear God to enter His purpose for our lives. Jeremiah 33:3
You don't automatically know your purpose.
God has to tell you or reveal your purpose to you. God's voice will lead you to your purpose.
We need God's voice and Word when we are confused, afraid and discouraged. Isaiah 43:1
We need to hear God's voice to cooperate with God and walk with Him. Amos 3:3

Since God's voice come most times as a still small voice, it helps when we practice 'stillness' and meditation to discern and receive the voice of God.

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor shared this Word.