Friday, 6 December 2013

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

The prince of African leaders is gone.
That is what I choose to call him.
It's sad, but we can only hope he is in a better place. He should be in a better place, after all he exemplified love. Love lifted up this great man and leader. Forgiveness, rooted in love is part of what lifted this man who is an asset to Africa and the entire world head and shoulders above other African leaders.
Without any argument this humble and brilliant man who is the son of a South African tribal chief rose to become a prominent voice in his own nation South Africa and eventually the world.
His life demonstrates to us that there are still some few good men in this world worthy of emulation who are role models to the coming generation.
His perseverance, patience, endurance and indomitable spirit evolved him into a powerful revolutionary who concepts, ideas and effort broke the backbone of apartheid in South Africa.
His voice and spirit lives on, he will not be forgotten.
The book 'Long Walk To Freedom' is his beautifully written autobiography which is a delight and inspiration to read, and the newly premiered film with the same title as Mandela's autobiography starring Idris Alba will serve as means of remembering this great creation of God.
My book 'GREAT WORDS FOR GREAT LIVING' will be one of those materials out there that will serve as a means of remembering and honoring this great son of Africa even for many generations to come.
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