Friday, 4 September 2015


Text: Romans 8:19

The world is in a time and season where it is seeking for people who have something extra to offer.
The world is in a phase where it needs solution providers in all areas and walks of life because the times we live in are 'dark times' which the Bible had already spoken about thousands of years ago. Isaiah 60:2

We are in perilous times. We are in difficult times. The Lord Jesus predicted the times we are in now. Matthew 24:3-13
The world is in need of superheroes.
My reason for saying this is not far fetched. Just read the newspapers, they are full of bad news, negativity, and darkness.
Listen to the news, there is a lot of anger, fights, confusion and misunderstandings out there.

We know the direction the world is going and we can feel it's pulse through the news, the kind of films being made, entertainment shows and comic books.
Comic book heroes are being made into films today. It reflects the yearning, the demand and hearts desire of people, the world.

-Super heroes in the world today are those who offer positivity instead of negativity.
-Super heroes in today's world are those who offer good news instead of bad news that's everywhere.
-Super heroes are those who are solution providers in this world.
-Super heroes are the one's who have a power/strength or skill others don't have.
-Superheroes are kind and good, good natured, helping people with the powers they have.

The world has always been fascinated by people or a person who has powers of some sort.
The world has always been amazed by people who achieve extraordinary feats, people who can be heroes and examples to the world.
The world is seeking positive role models, and the world will continue in this direction seeking leadership and answers through people, because this desire is what will make the world embrace the anti-christ when he shows up with great leadership, charisma and power (though satanic).

You may not feel like a hero but you are a hero to someone.
Parents are, and should be heroes to their children.
Bosses are,and should be heroes to their employees.
The rich are, and should be heroes to the poor and less privileged (if they are doing the right with their wealth)
Spiritual leaders are heroes to those they shepherd.
Mentors are like heroes to those they guide.
As Jesus was sent, so have we (his followers) been sent. John 20:21

We should be the super heroes of our day.
-We have been chosen to be the light of the world, the ones who reflect the light of Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:14)
Light is positivity to a dark world.
-We are the one's sent to spread the good news of the gospel.Mark 16:15
-We are sent to bring solutions to our world, just like Jesus and all the Bible heroes were solutions to their world when they were on earth. Isaiah 61:1
-We, the people of God, are the ones who have a power and ability the world doesn't have. The power of the Holy Ghost is available to us. Luke 10:19
- God's sons and daughters are the ones who are sent into the world to manifest the fruits of the Spirit, especially LOVE. Galatians 5:22,23

If you are in the Kingdom of God, if you are born again, if you have the Holy Spirit, just know it today that God is raising you up as a superhero to your world.
I pray we will not disappoint God and the world that God loves.

Olutosin Ogunkolade is a Teacher Pastor. He teaches from London UK.