Monday, 29 October 2018

Partners In Ministry (PIM)

Partners in ministry (PIM) is the partnership arm of The Light Of Jesus Christ Assembly.
A vision birthed by Pastor Olutosin Ogunkolade to help the mandate and global vision of the church ministry become a speedy reality, P.I.M is intended to enhance the church ministry through prayer (intercessors), outreach (promoters) and finances (financiers) who believe in the mandate and global vision of the church.
Partnerships are needed by every man and organisation with a vision for the fulfillment of the vision and project expansion.
Ours is no different as a kingdom and divine project of the Lord.
We need and want all hands on deck.

So we are calling out to all men and women with a heart and burden for the kingdom of God at this time to be part of Partners In Ministry.
Prayer warriors are needed, 'foot' soldiers are needed for outreach, and financiers who have been touched by the Lord are needed for the spear heading of God's kingdom message as we teach God's Word and spread God's light.

Call to find out more.
Call, sms or WhattsApp Pastor 'Tosin to find out more on 07507065409