Monday, 7 March 2011

The Genius of Charlie Chaplin.

I watched a Charlie Chaplin movie recently, it was a DVD with a collection of some of his works. I enjoyed it. I hadn't watched a Charlie Chaplin movie in years, i used to watch his films as a kid but its now as a more mature person that i understand what all the 'hype' about Charlie Chaplin was all about. In his lifetime he was one of the most recognizable people on earth. The guy is a pure genius, he has a remarkable ability to be someone else totally different from who he really is when he was in front of a camera. He was a maverick.
The ability to make people laugh just by your funny gestures, actions and facial expressions is a great gift. We need more Charlie Chaplains in the world today because we all need to laugh more.''Laughter doeth good like medicine'', life  has  a  way  of  making  us take  ourselves  too  seriously a times.
Charlie Chaplain made many people the world over laugh. That was his contribution to the world, that was his legacy. May it continue!
I salute this comedy giant, he lives on.

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