Friday, 11 February 2011


Everytime i think of someone who has a dream Martin Luther King Jnr easily comes to mind, his dream has outlived him. Barack Obama has a dream, his dream is unfolding. Christopher Columbus had a dream, it emerged. Bishop David Oyedepo has a dream, his dreams are manifesting. I have a dream, i am enjoying the process and learning the 'ropes'.
There are certain things i have discovered about a dream. Having a dream is not the same thing as having a fantasy, dreams in the context i'm talking about his having a mental picture, a vision, a clear imagination ingrained within your soul of what you want to be, do or have. It should be big enough to inspire and achievable to motivate you.
A dream is a vision, a vision is a dream. Your dream/vision is your future.
Dreams help to keep you on track, when you don't have a dream, you miss the mark.

Attributes of Dreams:

a)Dreams that are authentic outlive the dreamer. Dream do not die.
b)Dreams are products of inspiration, that are fuelled by observation.
c)Dreams give us a motivation for living.
d)Dreams are a vital ingredient to progress.
e)Dreams are given by God, your dream is part of your uniqueness.
f)Dreams will help you to keep going even if you are going through the 'fire'
g)Dreams are pictures of what you can be and what you can achieve.
h)Dreams require faith for their fulfilment.
i)Dreams must be guarded, protected and jealously watched over.
j)Dreams should be worth pursuing and dieing for.
k)Dreams manifest in stages.
l)Dreams can be picked from the Bible.
m)Dreams require tenacity and passion.
n)Your dream will not be appreciated by everyone or understood by all.
o)Dreams attract criticism and jealousy.
p)A faint hearted man cannot manifest his dreams, it takes 'strength' to materialise your dreams from the imaginative realm to the physical plane.