Monday, 10 October 2011


 It's my observation that most girls evolve into what their mothers are like, and most boys grow into what their fathers are. Fathers feel a need to protect their daughters because they are girls, and sons are protective of their mothers as they grow up because they are women.
 It's common knowledge it takes a great father to raise a great son. Behind most successful people there is a responsible parent or guardian behind the scene.
 There are blessings in fathers, loaded up for their sons. I believe very much in parental blessings. Even the good Book holds this view. But a fathers blessing is not automatic! It takes work to bring a blessing out of  people/ parents. But when a father truly blesses his son, it goes a long way in enhancing his destiny.
 Individuals have a big role to play in bringing a blessing out of their parents.
 The son who covers his fathers shame gets the blessing!