Thursday, 19 June 2014

There are opportunities all around!

There are opportunities all around you, there are opportunities all around us.
The question is, do you see them, do you notice them?
At times, opportunities may not appear as opportunities, they may come in the form of some set back or disadvantage, but it is an opportunity never the less.
Being able to see an opportunity for what it is, having the ability to foresee or being discerning is key!
I like the way Henry Ford put it. "Opportunities sometimes come disguised in the form of hard work"
'There is no substitute for hard work in the school of success'
I have heard it said before, that 'success is not about working hard but working smart'. But I have come to realize that even in the process of 'working smart' you will find yourself 'working hard'. There is no escaping working hard before succeeding, let's face it.
One man's disadvantage can be your opportunity. That may be your opportunity to show love, care, compassion or kindness to the disadvantaged individual.
Another man's poverty may be your opportunity to give.
Your riches may be your opportunity to assist a less fortunate person or better other people's lives
There are opportunities all around us to serve, give, love,communicate and  fight for what is right.
Everyday is a gift and opportunity from God to do right, think right, live right, forgive or serve people. Do you see each day of your life for what it really is?
Today is your opportunity to succeed, move in the right direction, take steps towards your success, your destiny and be who you should be.
King David in Bible times woke up one day a shepherd boy, but recognized a God given opportunity to serve his nation by fighting. He took the opportunity courageously and it launched him into prominence and history!
Do you recognize the opportunity in each day of your life?
What do you want to do with your life?Today can be that day you start moving in the direction of becoming what the desire is. The opportunity is there. Time is an opportunity that has been given to every man. How do you spend your time?
Do you realize our opportunities are hidden in our moments?
For those who are destiny conscious, for those who have a dream and a vision, there is always something to do.
Change your perspective and your will see your opportunities.
Peace be!