Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Amazing Benefits of Friendship!

I wonder what life would be like without friendships, it  will be  lonely, boring, dry and slow. Yes slow, because friends help us achieve and  influence us positively which give us speed in the right direction. Your  friends  can  determine  your  momentum  in  life  because  our  friends  can  be  likened to our brains  and  hands  which  are  in  another  body. Good  friends use what they have to help us.
Our friends matter, and  friendships influence our perspective and orientation, for ''evil communication corrupts good manners''. Friendships  are  necessary  and  are  part  of  having  a  healthy  and  balanced  life.
The pertinent question is Who is a friend? Who a friend is can be explained differently from  one  person  to the other depending on what  each  person  expects, needs or  wants  from  their friend(s). Plato said  a  friend  is  someone  before  whom  you  can  think  aloud. Plato  was  a  deep  thinker  and  philosopher, for him  thoughts  matter and  he  paid  attention  to  them. So naturally, he valued  friends  that  he  could  openly  express his mind  to.
There  are  people  who  have  done  things  that  aren't  befitting  as  a  result  of  wrong  advise  from  people  they  assumed  were  friends. Friendships  can  make  and  break  us. I  have  learnt a lot  of  positive  things  from  good  friends  who  have  been  in  my  life  at  different  stages  on  my  life's  journey. I will define a friend as  someone  who  sticks  with  you  as  a  result  of  a  personal  choice  to  assist  you  and   make  your  life  better.

Below  are  things  worth  knowing  about  friends:
*Good  friends  help  to  create opportunities  for  you  knowingly  or  unknowingly.
*Friends  are  necessary  for  successful  networking.
*Friends can come in all shapes, form and complexion. We  should  be gender blind when  it  comes  to friendships.
*Friends are in ur life for the purpose of helping you get where to where you are going.
* Friendships make the journey of life worthwhile.
*Friends are the 'wine' of life. They  can  help you  appreciate  and  enjoy life. Good  friends  can  help  to  roll  your  grief  away.