Thursday, 14 March 2013


Life is no joke, reality is no playground and circumstances can tear like a dagger. We live in a world where only the mentally tough survive, a world where only those who have internal shock absorbers can survive the rocky terrain that leads to success.
Life's difficulties try us to see how much we really want our dreams. How much do you really want to succeed? If you want to succeed enough, the facts around you shouldn't be strong enhough to make you give up.
We have nine more months before this year comes to an end. It may have been a pleasant year for you so far, or it might have been a difficult year so far, whatever the year has brought to you so far is not what matters, what matters is that you can still make it and turn the tide in your favour with God's help.
God loves us and He is on our side, but His love doesn't necessarily exempt us from difficulty or some of the knocks life can hit us with.
To rise above the past, overcome the storms meant to defeat you and prevail irrespective of adversaries there is a need to be tough skinned. To be tough skinned is the ability to keep going despite the opposition and all that's thrown at you to bring you down. As you aspire for greater things, enemies will rise. Dream killers show up when breakthroughs are round the corner. That's why you have to be tough skinned and keep your focus this year and in the coming years if you are going to make it.