Thursday, 9 March 2017

Prayer And Fruitfulness.

John 15:7-8

It's God's will that we are fruitful.
To be fruitful we have to be productive.
Being fruitful means you are producing.
You have to be productive to be fruitful.
Fruitfulness refers to your results.
Our fruitfulness as God's people is connected to our connection to Jesus Christ.

Prayer helps us stay connected to God.
John 15:5
That connection brings fruitfulness and results.
Fruitfulness is part of God's blessing.
Genesis 1:28
Part of the purpose of prayer is to bring results.
If we don't believe God will answer our prayers we won't pray.
When God gives you what you asked for in prayer you can say that prayer brought results.
John 14:13
So prayer brings fruitfulness.

Prayer brings spiritual, material, moral and even career and financial results.
Daniel was a man given to prayer and purity.
Morally he was fruitful. Daniel 6:4
Materially he was fruitful. Daniel 2:48
Spiritually he was fruitful. Daniel 1:17
His career and finances also had results/fruit. Daniel 5:29

The results or fruitfulness of Daniel's life was linked to his prayer life. Daniel 6:11
Daniel's promotion, Daniel's wisdom, Daniel's deliverance and the skill and favour he enjoyed was all linked to his relationship with God. Daniel 6:4-11

Daniel's relationship with God is the result of a consistent, persistent and regular time with God. Daniel 6:10

Olutosin Ogunkolade, a Teacher-Pastor shared this message.