Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Selfishness  is  an  innate  vice  all  human beings  have. Some overcome  it  and  some   don't. Giving  or  generousity  superceeds  selfishness. It's good to be benevolent, its positive to be a giver.
Giving to benefit another person in a positive way is one of the laws of  nature  and  life. The true giver will not be forsaken neither will he be without for too long.
Giving  is  noble, positive  and  good. Giving is a godly nature. God is a giver! For God has given us all things to enjoy- the SUNLIGHT that warms our bodies and dry our clothes, and also keeps our plants healthy and  is a  source  of  electricity as a solar source. He has given us the MOON which beautifies the heavens above us, gives us a knowledge of times and seasons and also lights the darkness of the night for us. He has given us the STARS which are the diamonds of  heaven and a beauty to behold, loaded with exclusive, sacred , and vital information about you and  i. God has also given YOU to this generation. He has loaded you with potential and abilities which you are meant to release to the world and thereby be a blessing. You are somebodys hero, you are the answer to somebodys prayer.
 He has given us fresh air, food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, thinking minds and  gives  us  each day which  is an opportunity to get  it  right. God has blessed man with the things that aren't always visible too, things like mercy, grace, favour, angelic presence and protection, His Spirit, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, might, internal strength, good health,  and the more visible blessings like spouses, children, clothes  and the list goes on.
Every man has what it takes to have a giving nature. ''Withold  not good  from  your fellow man when  it  is  in  your  power  to do so''
It's a choice we have to make, will you let the giver in you emerge or will you let will you let the selfish nature in  you  have its way.
Everything God controls, gives. Does He control your life?