Saturday, 25 December 2010

The World of theatres.

Human beings like to be and crave to be entertained and i am no exception to this. Everyone has a right to what makes them happy. Going to the theatre is one of those activities that makes me happy. Get me theatre tokens and you have made my day.
 I salute the courage, the hard work and all the back ground preparation that goes into preparing a successful theatre show. I respect the effort of the actors and actresses who entertain us live on stage.
There is a beauty about the theatre environment, the nice halls where many of the performances take place, the acting, the dark background, the lights and stage effects and ofcourse the interesting story line that comes from well thought out scripts.
The city of London has lots of theatre venues, its one of the things i like about London (who said London is a boring city? Its only boring if you dont know the right places to go to) and i have been to quiet a number of theatre shows in London over the years. I just saw Hansel and Gretel two days ago, it was highly entertaining and is a must see for the whole family, its very rich in humour. I remember seeing the Elephant man (which i really liked), Lord of the rings (i was impressed by how close they came to the movie in similarity) ,Gone with the Wind (i think the friend who accompanied me really liked it) and several others including Jamaican stage productions, they can be very informative and educative.
What should i see next and when ? Hmmmmnn, let me see.............

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