Thursday, 23 December 2010

christmas or x-mas?

It's that season of the year when people exchange gifts, show more love than they usually do, sing christmas carols, host events and invite each other for dinner or lunch. It's a season those who are 'sweet tooths' have more than their fair share of chocolates and sweets because everyone seems to be offering each other such goodies. It's that time of the year we beautify our houses, buy christmas trees, christmas cards and stock our homes with all sorts of edibles while retailers smile to the bank.
There is a certain magic or should i say miracle to this season of the year. Most people seem eager, expectant, and jubilant. For some lucky ones who receive a gift they have hoped for or really need they consider themselves fortunate or believe their christmas wish has been granted.
I also note with interest that many people spell the word christmas as xmas in these times. Perhaps its an abbrevation of some sort. But i believe there is a difference between the word christmas and xmas. An abbrevation shouldn't change a word altogether.
It shows that the essence and true purpose of christmas has been misplaced. This brings me to the question-What is the real meaning of Christmas?
The word Christmas is from two words joined together Christ and Mass. It's the mass or service period we offer to the Christ in joy and celebration in remembrance of His birthday. Without the Christ, the annual celebration we have every December becomes a mere ritual that has no purpose.
There is a purpose to the word Christmas but the word x-mas has no meaning.
Christ is the reason for the season, Merry Christmas everyone.

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