Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The beauty of Classical music.

 As i write, i am within the victorian building of St. Martin-in-the fileds, it's a well maintained chapel near the National Gallery at Trafalgar square west London. It's a lovely and refreshing experience to have in this christmas/new year season. The audience is being entertained by sounds that originate from the classical greats. It is a classical music concert.
 I enjoy instrumentals, i like classical music. Who shouldn't?
 It lifts the spirit, soothes the soul and entertains. It doesn't seem to amaze me that youths of my generation don't seem to appreciate such music, i encourage them listen to and embrace classical music. I find classical music more intellectual and positive than many of the songs we listen to these days (my opinion). Some of the contemporary songs out there don't seem to have any purpose and the videos of many glorify lust and adultery.
 The genius and inspiration of classical greats like Mozart, Bach, Elgar, Beethoven, Ravel  to name a few never fails to impress me. There is a beauty about instrumentals, and blessed are those gifted by God to play musical instruments. As i sit in this lovely chapel i am in awe of how vibrations from musical instruments like the flute, cello, violins, accordion and the piano are synchronised to produce sonorous sounds, it's 'magical'. I admire the skill with which these experts handle these instruments.
If this isn't heaven on earth, tell me what heaven on earth is.( lol)

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