Sunday, 19 December 2010

Why Are You Here?

Dear Friends,
The title of this article is one of the most pertinent questions you will have to answer here on earth.
It's an important question because because it's a question that deals with the issue of your purpose.
There is a purpose to everything and everyone the creator has created (i hope you believe there is a creator, a God who knows all and owns all)
If there is a creator, there must be a reason for everything He does. Which means there must be a reason for His creating you. I don't think it would have cost God anything to bring you into this world in the form of any one of the beasts of the field, the birds of their air or the creeping insects of the ground but He gave you the singular honour of coming into the world in the form of a human being, a man child, created in His image and His likeness. That's a privilege i feel any human being shouldn't take for granted.
But why did He create you in His image and likeness, why are you here or simply put what is your purpose on this earth?
It's a question i have thought long and hard about and i have come to the conclusion that LOVE is what life is all about. Finito.
Love is what makes life worth living, love is what gives our life meaning, love is the major quality that makes us like God. ''To err is human to forgive is divine''. Forgiveness can only come from the heart of a man/woman who understands the concept of love.
What counts most is not your talents, gifts, potential, generousity or faith but your ability to love. It is when you can truly love that all other things will have meaning.
I am fully persuaded and i stand to be corrected that love is what we are here for. We are here to love God and our fellow man


  1. Word! this is thought provoking, I can only pray that we humans will have the fear of God and be sincere in our dealings with each other, it is only then that we can make sustainable progress in this world.

  2. Thoughtful words my friend. Love is the greatest spring of purpose, natural and divine.