Sunday, 19 December 2010

Qualities of a true Leader.

Nations of the world are at a season in life where true leadership seems to be scarce and there is a huge outcry from the populace for good leadership. When there are good leaders the people rejoice, and when bad people are in positions of authority the people mourn.
The success of every enterprise, company, cooperation or nation rests and falls on its leadership. Being a leader in any capacity is not a joke.
Unfortunately we are in times where those that are perceived the most competent and qualified are failing the people.Character failure, moral decadence and lack of integrity are at an all time high. Thats why i have taken some time to write on this issue.
Who is a leader? There are many definitions for leadership. It's Napoleon Bonaparte who said a leader is a dealer in hope. I agree with him. A leader is someone who has the ability to inspire hope in others for positive outcomes. You can also define a leader as someone who confers value on those within his/her sphere of influence. Leadership is all about the people you lead and less about you. A leader should be a chief servant.

Qualities of a great leader:

* A good and great leader is a person who has a message that resonates well with those within his/her sphere of influence. Capable leaders must have something to say.
*A good and great leader is one who is compassionate and intouch with the feelings of those under his/ her influence.
*A good and great leader is one who stays ahead of the pack by being well informed and conversant with the issues at hand.
*A good and great leader is one who inspires not merely by words but also by action.
*A good and great leader is a person who has a history of being a follower. Good followers make good leaders. The ability to follow others shows humility.
*A good and great leader is one who has a history of service. Either service to an individual, several people or many prople.
*Good and great leaders should be able to mobilise people and resources for the benefit of all.
*Good and great leaders should have a good level of decency and integrity.

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